Check out the updates we recently made to improve your Hudl and Sportscode experience.

Sportscode users, exciting improvements are coming your way! Our team has spent the last few months updating how Hudl and Sportscode work together, meaning it’s now easier than ever to share and manage Sportscode timelines in Hudl.

Not only that, but all Hudl Assist breakdowns are now available in a Sportscode XML data format, meaning you can use them straight away in Sportscode.

Read on for more information.

More Accessible Timelines

Easily move between data sources in the Hudl video player. Athletes can toggle between timelines that focus on different elements of the game, while coaches take advantage of fewer restrictions to provide important data where it’s most convenient.

No Need for Duplicate Teams

If a team used Hudl Assist and Sportscode before, they would need two separate teams in Hudl. Now, Assist and Sportscode data sit side-by-side on a single video, so you only need one Hudl team—the way it should be.

Assist in Sportscode

Hudl Assist breakdowns for soccer and basketball are available for immediate download as an XML data file, giving you a head start on your custom analysis. Simply import them into Sportscode like any other Sportscode XML data file.

Easier Data Sharing

Every coach can automatically access any XML timeline you upload to Hudl. Clicking Manage Data on any game will give you a full list of timelines to choose from.

The new workflow for Hudl Assist:

Take a look at these videos to help you get started...

Add Sportscode data to a game that already has Hudl tags

Download Sportscode or Hudl data to use in Sportscode:

Switch between data in Sportscode and Hudl, then create playlists using either:

Most updates are already available on the latest versions of Sportscode and Hudl. For access to others, like getting Assist data as an XML file, please reach out to your rep.

Not sure what version you have? Use these steps to check for Sportscode updates, then update your Hudl app.