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Hudl Sportscode version 12.4.9 further enhances it’s reporting and visualization functionality with the launch of Heatmaps.

With Heatmaps you can now visualize location data in Hudl Sportscode - allowing you to identify trends and provide more context to game events. This can be achieved without any knowledge of scripting. 

The release of Heatmaps adds further functionality to the reporting tools launched last year, where you can create a range of charts within Code Windows where every value can be linked to video.

Heatmap 1 from Hudl on Vimeo.

Bar, column, stacked bar, stacked column, pie charts and now Heatmaps, all provide a range of visual insights into performance along with the underlying video. 

This can be viewed to provide context and develop understanding and make it more efficient to create engaging reports to help coaches, analysts and players gain insight into performance. 

Heatmap 2 from Hudl on Vimeo.

When using Heatmaps, you can also tag your own location data and see this update automatically in real time, live or post game. 

Heatmaps can be represented in the Code Window by selecting one of the pre-built pitches, courts or rinks.

In multi-game analysis, a Code Window report containing charts can be applied across a folder or selection of games. In Heatmaps this can be represented in density view format across the relevant playing area.

The ability to create and view charts is available for Elite and Elite Review license holders.

Hudl Sportscode Product Manager Oliver Hypolite-Bishop said:

“We want to make it easier for analysts to get even greater insights from video in less time and with less effort. As with our previously released chart visualizations, heatmaps have been incorporated into one of the core components of Sportscode, the Code Window, and can be used across all phases of analysis without the need for scripting.”

“They can be used to provide insight in pre-game preparation, post match review, and will even update live during a game.”

Check out the full details of all the key updates in Hudl Sportscode version 12.4.9 including the launch of Heatmaps, the Statistical window and the playlist integration with Insight.