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The latest release of Hudl Sportscode adds the ability to create a range of charts in Code Windows where every value can be linked to video.

This new functionality makes it more efficient to create engaging reports to help coaches, analysts and players gain insight into performance. 

The initial release includes bar, column, stacked bar, stacked column and pie charts. This range of charts provides a range of visual insights into performance along with the underlying video which can be viewed to provide context and develop understanding.

This work also takes advantage of recent improvements in multi-game analysis, allowing a Code Window report containing charts to be applied across a folder or selection of games.

The ability to create and view charts is available for Elite and Elite Review licence holders.

Hudl Sportscode Product Manager Troy Baker commented:

“We are pleased to launch our first release of charts in Hudl Sportscode. As charts have been incorporated into one of the core components of Sportscode, the Code Window, they can be used across all phases of analysis. They can be used to provide insight in pregame preparation, post match review, and will even update  live during a game.

“This represents a substantial improvement in the ability to create highly customisable, engaging reports in Hudl Sportscode, which in turn will further enhance our large scale analysis offering as Sportscode, Hudl and Wyscout platforms continue to become more connected.”

As part of this development Code Windows opened and edited in Hudl Sportscode versions 12.3.0 and higher cannot be opened in previous app versions. It is recommended for users to be on the same 12.3.0 version and higher, to facilitate sharing.

Future releases of charts in will include the following features

  • The ability to create charts without requiring a knowledge of scripting
  • Additional chart types including heatmaps which utilise x/y location data
  • Live sharing reports to Hudl Replay

Click here for our dedicated resources on creating charts in Hudl Sportscode.