The new baseball code window template simplifies in-game decisions, improves scouting reports and creates data archives for more effective and efficient baseball analysis.

Baseball has evolved into a science. Every pitch and swing in an at-bat is measured, generating thousands of data points for every player which are then dissected and studied. 

The challenge facing today’s teams is this: How can they harness the power of all the video and data they have to win games?

Hudl’s baseball experts have created an exclusive code window for Hudl Sportscode users to streamline video and data into game-changing insights. 

Use this template to create a robust analysis process that is customizable to your team; offering a leg up on the competition.

We know coaches have been putting pen to paper—tracking pitches and at-bats—searching for any information to create favorable matchups.

With Hudl Sportscode, teams are now able to store and access data on iPads in the dugout to make in-game adjustments that sway the outcome in their favor.

The new code window template for baseball allows teams to capture the result of every pitch and hit that occurs. Through automation, situational and matchup-specific labels are then included on each pitch.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What is your starting pitchers BAA (batting average against) the second time through the order as opposed to the third? 
  • How does your seven-hole hitter fare against lefties up 2-1 with runners in scoring position?
  • What is the next hitter’s spray chart, and should your defense shift to force an out?

With the new code window template, teams will quickly form strategies to win every matchup. 

And with the updated Hudl Sportscode multigame analysis workflow, teams can create rich databases to make in-depth opposition scouting reports, or show growth and development of your players over one or multiple seasons.

Interested to see how you can take advantage of the baseball code window template?

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