The latest release of Hudl Sportscode includes the ability to run a code window in report mode across all timelines in a folder or a custom selection of timelines.

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When Hudl Sportscode was launched, it introduced significant performance improvements in databasing, with a specific package structure that was optimized for fast analysis across a whole season, rather than just being a simple video package.

Databasing has always been the cornerstone of multi-game analysis. It's been a great mechanism for collating moments of interest from multiple games, either for further analysis, presentations or sharing to other members of your team.

Thanks to our latest enhancements to Hudl Sportscode, you can now analyze and find key moments across multiple games without needing to first use time-consuming workflows such as databasing or combining timelines.

The latest update (12.2.43) includes the much requested ability to execute a code window in ‘report mode’ on all timelines in a folder, or even on a custom selection of games. This also supports the ability to generate video from the code window reports, giving you the possibility to add flags back to the original source or send to Playlists whilst adding notes. This enhancement now allows you to access your custom data, along with your custom reports, across your custom selection of games.

This search of all folders or a custom selection of games has been added to the Find Window, also allowing you to quickly return specific instances matching your search criteria.

Hudl Sportscode Product Manager Troy Baker commented:

“These additions are aimed at making Hudl Sportscode more efficient at multi-game analysis and reduce the need to create duplicate data sets that can be difficult to manage.

“This is the first in a series of analysis improvements coming to Hudl Sportscode. Upcoming releases will include the ability to save, edit and share these custom sources with other team members. We will also be improving the Find Window to allow for the creation of more complex search queries and you can expect to see improvements to how you can visualize your reports with the ability to create charts soon.

“As the Sportscode, Hudl and Wyscout platforms become more connected, you’ll have opportunities to do large-scale analysis that combines the power of Sportscode scripting with the world's largest library of video and data for sport.”

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