Are you asking the right questions when it comes to giving your athletes the best recruitment opportunities?

We surveyed close to 1,000 club athletes across four key sports to understand how athletes choose their clubs.

We discovered more than 56% of club athletes compete with the goal of playing college sports, making recruitment opportunities a top factor during club selection. The best athletes will join the clubs that give them the best opportunity to continue their careers.

Here are the three questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re giving your players their best shot at playing in college.

Are you getting your athletes in front of recruiters?

Successful clubs give players access to create highlight videos and grab the attention of college coaches. 78% of athletes think video is extremely important in the recruiting process.

When you offer innovative ways to get your players noticed, you’re telling them you value their goals.

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College coaches and recruiters use game videos and highlights as accessible tools to check out the players they’re interested in. Making video a part of your club culture ensures players can reach those college coaches in today's digital age.

Are you developing your players into better athletes?

Athletes need a club that’s going to make the development process as effective and rewarding as possible. Video is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to develop players’ technical skills.

“I not only want to play in college and earn a scholarship, but I’d like to continue improving my skills, play better teams, and stay in shape for upcoming seasons.” Survey Respondent

With access to video throughout their club careers, players can measure their growth and recognize what they need to work on. They’ll come out of each season not only as better athletes, but with a better chance of playing at the next level.

Are you using video to attract new talent?

Take advantage of the same tools you offer your players. Create highlights to promote your club and spread the word about key successes. Show local parents and athletes that you can give them the video technology they want.

When you give players the resources to meet their goals, the best athletes in the area will flock to that opportunity.  You’ll continue to improve the visibility and reputation of your club with both players and college recruiters.

The Bottom Line

Club athletes don’t choose who they play for on the flip of a coin—they put in serious thought and have a plan. Answering yes to these three questions will ensure your club sets your athletes up for success. Download the full report for more insights on club culture.

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