The Schneidermans are an example of what it means for families to be all-in” at Minnesota Select Volleyball Club

It was nearing 10:00 p.m. on a Tuesday at the Minnesota Select Volleyball facility. The boy’s 16-1 National team practice was winding down when Coach Zach Bush, sensing a lull, called for a brief scrimmage before disbanding for the night.

The ensuing action was precise and high-speed. After about fifteen minutes, Bush asked for the score. Hearing no reply, he offered: “12-12. Play to 15. Win by two.”

The warmth and laughter between teammates that had filled the practice only moments ago withdrew from the court. A cold intensity settled in.

After a few back-and-forth rallies, libero Will Schneiderman took to the service line with his side ahead 15-14. He rocketed a serve that cut just above the net, split the back line and fell to the floor. An ace to ice it.

Schneiderman and the victors cheered, grins smeared across their faces as their peers did pushups. Yet, despite practice ending so late in the evening, the night was far from over for the young defensive specialist.

Schneiderman lives in Willmar—roughly two hours from the club facility in Maple Grove. He and his parents make the four-hour round trip multiple times a week to train and compete for one of the top clubs in the country.

Despite having other (much closer) opportunities, the Schneidermans insisted the draw to play for MN Select couldn’t be ignored. The club’s commitment to boys’ volleyball, its investment in tools like Hudl, and the support from staff made all the difference.

Opportunity Meets Community

In Minnesota, boys’ volleyball wasn’t a sanctioned high school sport until 2023. MN Select founder Scott Jackson was a driving force behind its adoption by the Minnesota High School Sports Association.

Paul Schneiderman, Will’s dad, said that the club’s track record of success combined with its advocacy for the growth of boys’ volleyball made MN Select the clear choice for their son.

MN Select is committed to investing in boys' volleyball. And as Will enters his fourth year with the club in 2024, that investment is mutual.

Since 2020, the Schneidermans have put thousands of miles and dollars into their son’s athletic development. Many of those miles were driven in the dark, through brutal midwest winters. The Schneidermans regularly make the trek from Willmar to Minneapolis for practices and games.

But to compete at one of the nation’s top-ranked volleyball clubs in a healthy supportive environment? Will said he hasn’t minded the long car rides for a chance to play the game he loves.

“I started playing here because the community and family [feel] really enticed me,” Will said.

The MN Select culture is inclusive and familial. Coaches know athletes and their families personally. Parents are invited to watch practices—in person or via livestream—and engage in healthy dialogue around their child’s growth.

Coach Zach Bush recognizes that every MN Select family makes sacrifices. Achieving and sustaining excellence demands it. But he acknowledges the Schneidermans have gone above and beyond, and he’s grateful for the chance to coach Will.

The appreciation between coaches and families is reciprocal. The Schneidermans respect the hard work and commitment of the coaches investing in Will. But they’re also grateful for the greater MN Select community. Having great coaching in a healthy environment has reinforced time and again that the Schneidermans made the right choice with MN Select.

Hudl Works for Will, his Parents & the Club

Club volleyball operates on the premise that a club gives players the best opportunity to grow and develop. For MN Select, that means equipping teams and athletes with the leading volleyball analysis and recruiting platform: Hudl.

Hudl is integral to the club’s structure. Directors and coaches use Hudl and Hudl Assist to analyze every match, and then deliver team and individual feedback to athletes.

Players supplement in-person practice by watching film assigned by coaches or on their own. Of course, there are always highlight reels to make, too.

Paul Schneiderman is the “Hudl Parent” for his son’s team—a voluntary position that’s unofficial yet vital to team success. As the Hudl Parent, Paul is responsible for recording every game. After the match, he submits the film to Hudl Assist for comprehensive team and player stats used in analysis and highlights.

For Will’s overall development and ambition to play at the next level, his dad says Hudl is the ideal solution.

That seamless experience Paul described is what makes Hudl the simplest, yet most effective solution for club volleyball.

Hudl has video, analytics, recruiting, livestreaming and more on a single solution. Players can watch film, create highlights, contact verified recruiters and track their progress to the next level right from their phones with the Hudl app.

In Will’s case, he monitors the statistics he knows college scouts will be evaluating.

“Division I is my big dream,” Will said. “So I’m looking at my serve receive rating, which for college coaches they want to see a high [rating], especially as a libero.”

With stats linked to film, Will quickly turns his top digs into a highlight reel after each tournament. He and his teammates are empowered to share their top plays with college coaches right through Hudl.

“Recruiting is a big thing with Hudl. It makes it really easy to make highlight reels for coaches,” Will said. “It shows your skills to them without them having to come to tournaments and watch all these different things. They can watch me right on their laptop.”

The Drive to Be the Best

Sometimes “the drive” is more than the internal hunger to compete. 

Maybe “the drive” is just that: a two-hour long car ride in the dead of night while your child does homework in the back seat by the light of their smartphone.

Maybe it’s the agreement by a club and a family to share an unwavering commitment to support the athlete’s goals and well-being as their foremost priority.

Or it’s a total investment in equipping players with the space and resources to realize their dreams.

Because when a club proves it has the drive to be excellent, families will mirror it. The Schneidermans and Minnesota Select demonstrate that club volleyball isn’t just a transaction between a customer and a business.

When everyone is driven—from Will and his parents to teammates and coaches—it’s an environment where everyone wins.

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