Athletes place a high priority on philosophy when they pick a club. Video can shine a spotlight on your culture.

On average, club athletes stay with an organization for 2.5 years.

They entrust their key development and recruiting years into their club’s hands, and  want to make the most of that precious time—and they’re willing to move on if their needs aren’t met.

If an athlete is going to invest those pivotal years in your club, they need to know who you are, what you’re about and exactly how you’ll help them achieve their goals. Our survey of more than 1,000 athletes revealed that the most important factor in choosing a club is coaching, but club culture and philosophy came in a close second.

Video is the perfect way to attract attention from players and grow your brand.

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Showcase Your Playing Style

Athletes want to be in a system that accentuates their skills. A rim-protecting center will look best on a team that emphasizes defense, just as an aggressive forward is highlighted by an offense that pushes the pace on the pitch.

Let players know what to expect when they enter the club. Create highlight videos that feature your club’s philosophy, and keep it consistent among every age group. Use video to get all your coaches behind this vision so athletes are fed a steady message throughout all levels, quickening their development and increasing college interest.

Build Hype and Boost the Brand

Creating buzz is a huge part of wooing elite talent. The top clubs generate excitement by highlighting their athletes' and teams' success.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact a video can have. You can talk about how great your club is until you’re blue in the face, but a stunning highlight can’t be ignored. Hudl makes it incredibly easy to share videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. When athletes and parents see your teams’ top moments, they’ll want to join the fun.

When your athletes receive scholarship offers or commit to colleges, share their highlights to remind viewers of how they attained that success. Your club played a large role in getting them to the next level—the louder that message is to prospective players, the more you’ll see them join you.

Get Players Recruited

Nearly 60 percent of survey respondents said the No. 1 reason they play club sports is to get recruited. The better you position them to be seen by college coaches, the happier they’ll be.

Video is a college coach’s dream because it eliminates a good chunk of traveling. Instead of driving hundreds of miles to a tournament, coaches can now access highlights and game video from the comfort of their office. They see more players and more games in less time.

Hudl is the one-stop shop. All game video lives in one location and can be sorted by statistics, allowing coaches to easily find an athlete’s best moments. And creating highlights is neither difficult nor time-consuming, making it the perfect tool for the short attention spans of teenage players.

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