Have you taken full advantage of our professional-level telestration tool Studio yet? There’s more reason than ever to get started. Hudl Sportscode users can use Studio to quickly add dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in the video package.

The options don’t end there. You can further enhance your pre- and post-match analysis telestration by adding images to your presentation, even personalising your graphics in your club’s—or your opponent’s—colours with titles and player panels. Simply drag any image into Studio, layer it on top of the footage and resize it however you would like. 

This opens the door for an almost unlimited number of bespoke details, but here’s one feature analysts are finding especially useful: add banners for individual players, including text notes, and group them together as a panel with trackable discs. This newly created group can then be saved as a template, creating an efficient time-saving workflow every time the player panel is required. 

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to make the most of this feature in Studio.