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With Studio, our advanced, easy-to-use telestration solution, Hudl Sportscode users can quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in video packages, all within one ecosystem of products. 

And now with the introduction of Coach Mode, coaches can live telestrate video clips imported to Studio.

Coach Mode allows coaches to communicate ideas and improve athlete engagement by adding graphics to video clips in real-time. Coach Mode will allow coaches and analysts to save more time during pre and post-match analysis meetings.

And within the latest versions of Studio, a number of enhancements have been introduced in Coach Mode, including:

Freehand Draw Tool in Coach Mode

The Freehand Draw Tool provides the flexibility to communicate points quickly in a simple and direct way. There’s no need to clear the screen as by pressing play, all drawings disappear. 

Clip Speed Enhancements

The ability to control the clip speed means that you now have the flexibility to better manage how and when ideas are communicated on each clip. 

Beam Tool in Coach Mode

In the latest version of Studio, the beam tool has been added to Coach Mode. This means that you will now be able to select and use this tool to communicate when delivering live telestration. When coach mode is selected, the beam tool icon is now visible on the toolbar. 

IPad Support for Coach Mode

Utilizing the Apple pencil, you can now control the presentation tools in Coach Mode on an iPad. This is perfect for use during 1-on-1 player meetings to get your coaching points across. 

Connected Discs in Coach Mode

We’ve added connected discs as an option in Coach Mode. When Coach Mode is selected, the connected discs icon is now visible on the toolbar. You can now use the connected discs tool and place it on the selected players on a video clip

Restart Clips in Coach Mode

The ability to restart a clip means coaches can quickly re-communicate their points in more detail without interrupting their presentation flow or distracting their audience by scrubbing backwards through the clip. All of this can now be done in one click.

Clear All in Coach Mode

We’ve added the ability to easily clear all selections within Coach Mode. Simply click the clear button in the top right hand corner to clear all previously telestrated items within the clip.

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