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Since its launch in May of this year, Studio, our new advanced, easy-to-use telestration solution has allowed Hudl Sportscode users to quickly add dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in video packages - all within one ecosystem.

With further development throughout the year, Studio’s latest version includes some exciting new features, time-saving enhancements, and the addition of support for the sport of rugby.

The Studio development team has been working closely with customers who have adopted Studio this season to gather feedback since its release. With consistent feedback of how much time Studio is saving analysts and coaches, especially when preparing presentations right up until the start of a meeting, these new most requested features will further enhance analysis workflows in the elite space. 

New Studio Features:

We have been beta testing these new features over the past few months, and now all are available to customers in November’s release of Studio.

Studio 'Vision' tool demo
Studio 'Path Metrics' tool demo
Studio 'Timer' tool demo

Time-Saving Enhancements

The November release also includes some workflow improvements to further reduce the time it takes to create a presentation. One of those relates to the manual calibration process, which is occasionally necessary if Studio is not able to accurately detect the lines on the pitch. If you're using this feature, you can now copy your calibration settings to other clips of video recorded at the same venue, saving you from having to calibrate each clip separately.

Studio Manual Calibration demo

It is now easier to add and edit graphics too. For many types of graphics, you can now add them to a clip by simply clicking and dragging on the video, and you can resize them by clicking and dragging one of the eight drag handles.

New Support for Rugby

Rugby users can now make use of the full set of 3D tools that are available to football teams, including automatic calibration of behind-the-goal cameras. Over 50 rugby teams tested Studio this year with good success.

Paul Arnott (Senior Manager, Product Management) commented:

"We're delighted that so many of the world's top football teams adopted Studio immediately, and excited to bring the same value to rugby teams too. We're really appreciative of all the feedback that's coming in, and I'd like to thank all of our beta testers who are helping us shape the future of telestration."

You can download the latest version of Studio here.

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