Studio, our professional-level telestration tool, allows Hudl Sportscode users to quickly add dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in video packages, all within one ecosystem of products. What users don’t see is the behind-the-scenes production that happens to make our software valuable to their workflows. We never stop improving our products—and we just added several new updates to Studio you’ll want to take advantage of.

On top of re-writing the entire application to make it more agile, we’ve also added:

  • Auto-calibration of imported playlists: When you import a selection of clips, they’ll all be automatically calibrated one-by-one. The previous manual process is now obsolete.
  • Automated player tracking: When utilising telestration tools in Studio such as beams, discs and connected discs, the highlighted player is automatically tracked—in full—for the period start. You also have the ability to adjust the starting time for the auto-tracking.
  • Coach mode customisation: This mode allows coaches to add graphics to clips in real time, helping you better communicate ideas and improve your athletes’ engagement. To customise this workflow, we’ve given you the ability to edit your toolbar, including: the addition of seven 2D and 3D options, where the toolbar is located on your screen and what display colors you want your tools to use. All these updates go toward saving you more time during pre- and post-match analysis meetings.

And if you haven’t started using our other recent updates yet, be sure to check out our tutorials on tracking additional camera angles and managing assets.

Not using Studio yet? Learn how this powerful tool can enhance your team’s analysis.