The largest club volleyball orga­ni­za­tion in the U.S is working with the leading performance analysis and recruiting platform to provide new oppor­tu­ni­ties for at-risk athletes.

The power of sports extends far beyond the games themselves. Through competitions, individuals learn important life skills and build character. A person may find a mentor or role model and can build relationships to last a lifetime. 

Hudl’s mission is to make every moment count; not just highlight the top plays from the last match. This mission celebrates and deepens the value of all the moments and enriches the experiences that sports provide that ultimately bind us together. 

That’s why Starlings Volleyball USA and Hudl are ideal partners.

Starlings’ mission is to positively impact the lives of at-risk girls through the sport of volleyball. Founded in 1996, Starlings grew from a single team at Lincoln High School in San Diego to now serving at-risk communities in over 70 cities and Native American Reservations in the U.S. As of today, it is the largest junior club volleyball program in the country.

Through fundraising efforts and partnerships, Starlings Volleyball, USA bring low-income and at-risk girls into the volleyball community. The organization supplies uniforms, netting systems, balls, gym time, and financial support to affiliate clubs.

“It’s no secret that most club sports have become accessible to only the affluent, and women’s volleyball is at the apex,” said Starlings Executive Director Lucy Pinney. “But it’s such a great character building, life skill building sport. To be able to bring that support to a community of children is exciting.”

Starlings use volleyball to provide opportunities and experiences that will lead to a more promising future for at-risk girls. Beyond practices and matches, Starlings emphasizes academic achievement and personal development and connects athletes with role models and mentors, all of which impact life off the court.

Volleyball is the foundation of Starlings. If low-income and at-risk girls realize they can compete with anyone, then other life goals like attending college become a reality, too.

“Volleyball is great for all kids. But kids who come from a broken home or abuse, this is their joy resource,” Pinney said. “We use the opportunity we have with [the girls] in the gym to help to not just bring them joy on the court but to build them into productive, victorious adults.”

Technology is a tool that levels the playing field. Hudl’s suite of products is a natural complement with Starlings’ robust offering of personal growth programs and volleyball training. Coaches and players can leverage video and data to improve and collaborate from anywhere.

“Hudl is bringing [coaches and players] the access and communication tools that can help them,” said Pinney. 

As part of this partnership, all Starlings affiliated clubs can take advantage of exclusive pricing for Hudl solutions—from video analysis and stats to highlight creation and comprehensive recruiting profiles. These profiles provide greater visibility for players with the option to communicate directly with college coaches and recruiters, opening doors for Starlings athletes to play at the next level—possibly with a scholarship in hand.

This partnership also includes the Dominate Award presented by Hudl. ​​The award will recognize athletes who display a relentless drive to improve and achieve on and off the court. It’s a celebration of the athletes who exemplify the core values of Starlings Volleyball and embrace the opportunity to excel.

You can learn more about the impact Starlings Volleyball, USA has on the lives of the girls they serve here or make a donation to support their mission at