Camera Recommendations for Soccer Coaches

Let us help you find the perfect camera setup to fit your needs.

Camera Recommendations for Soccer Coaches

Let us help you find the perfect camera setup to fit your needs.

Sifting through camera setups online can be tiresome. With a seemingly endless number of options on the market, we understand it can be hard to find one specific to your club’s needs.

For football coaches, it’s important that you maximize the resources you have at your disposal. From the potential limitations of your pitch to your budget, there are plenty of options that will enable you to capture all the action for analysis, and we’re here to help. We’ve narrowed down your options to three concise setups, each ranging in functionality and budget, so you can find the best fit.

First, let’s talk about your pitch. We encourage all of our coaches to try and film from the highest possible angle, because that allows you to see the action from an angle that’s optimal for analysis. If you have a grandstand, try filming from the highest possible location where you can see the full pitch.

That said, you can still gain a lot from video that’s filmed pitch side, so don’t stress if you don’t have a grandstand or a gantry to film from. There are also some options that we’ve outlined that will allow you to get that coveted, high-angle of video.

Let’s look at the setups

recording setup
An analyst records a match pitch-side.

Small Budget Setup

Take advantage of a camera operator with a standard tripod for your camera or iOS device to eliminate the cost of a more expensive stand. This setup won’t sacrifice much in terms of quality, but you will be recording from ground level and following the flow of the match more intently than you would with other options.


If you’re looking to save the most money, grab your own iPhone6s, iPhone7 or Android device. All you need is an attachment for your tripod that will allow you to mount your device.

  • If your budget allows, the iPad Pro is the model we recommend. This will ensure the highest quality video.

  • Should you prefer a hard drive camera, look into something like the Sony HDR CX-440. As long as the camera shoots Full 1080HD video, you’re in good shape.


A solid tripod can make or break the quality of your video. Ensure that your tripod has enough fluidity in the head so it can move freely from side-to-side, and won’t stick or jump as your camera operator pans.

  • If you’d like the convenience of a smaller tripod without sacrificing stability, we’ve seen the Vista Explorer do well. There is a bit of a trade-off in terms of panning, but if you’re looking to save money, this is a solid bet.

  • If you prefer something with more fluidity, plus an arm to pan and tilt your camera, the Vista Fusion is a great option as well. You gain back some fluidity here, while still keeping the price relatively affordable.

Remember, going higher up in price doesn’t always mean a better tripod. Read the reviews and look specifically for a tripod with a fluid head for supreme panning.

recording setup
An analyst filming from an elevated angle

Medium Budget Setup

Our second option puts an emphasis on recording video from a high angle, allowing you to better identify tactical coaching points through video. This is for those with a slightly larger budget, and gives a little more flexibility in camera location if you’re limited by your pitch.


Find a camera in the mid-range price point to meet your squad’s needs in terms of quality.

  • For high-quality 1080P video, we recommend the Sony XA10.

  • If you want the highest quality video, grab the Sony FDRAX53/B for 4K filming. Combine that with your high angle tripod, and you’ll have some of the best video on Hudl.


In an ideal world, you have a gantry or crow’s nest available to film a full view of the action on the pitch. If that isn’t an option, you should look into purchasing a high-pod or perch to film from a high angle.

  • A scaffold or perch such as the Millennium Tripod Stand enables you to reach a height of three metres and provides a solid base for intense weather or uneven ground at local pitches.
    • You’ll most likely need a camera operator to achieve the best results due to the lower angle of video.

All combined, with the tripod stand and a mid-level camera, you’ll be looking at a price point of £750. Obviously, you can save if you choose a cheaper camera option, but we recommend something that records at minimum 1080p Full HD video.

recording setup
A 4K, wide-angle camera will allow you to see the whole pitch

Large Budget Setup

The most hands-off approach comes at a cost. We’re still looking for a high angle, but this option allows you to record your match without a camera operator.


These wide-angle cameras can record the full width of the pitch in one single shot.


You’ll want to find a tripod setup that is high enough to see the full pitch.

  • Try an extended tripod such as a MegaMast camera stand, which can reach eight metres and wouldn’t require a camera operator.

  • has some options specific for football as well.


As with any camera setup, power can be the difference between recording a full match and missing the last few crucial minutes. If you have access to wall outlets or a portable power source like the ChargeTech Portable Battery, you can simply use extension cords to meet the need for power.

If you decide to record your match from an iPad, a case will be essential to protect the device. Few cases are better at incorporating safety and the ability to screw into a tripod than the ones from iOgrapher. You can also grab a lens from iOgrapher to cover the wide angle if you find yourself recording close to the touchline.

With all of these devices and setups, you’ll be able to upload video directly from the camera or external SD card to your Hudl account with our web uploader.

We hope this serves as a solid starting point in choosing the right setup. If you have any questions or need our team’s help determining which setup will meet your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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