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Advanced Athlete Tracking System

Elevate your data workflow with powerful analysis, live visualization and management processes.


Change the Game

With SVIVO, athletes’ performance and tactical data is provided in real-time visualizations using GPS tracking, making data-informed decisions easy.

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Live Data

Visualize more than 20 variables in real time.

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ANT + Connectivity

Devices can synchronize with SVIVO instantaneously.

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WIMU Drill Manager

Set and modify tasks and objective-based alarms during the session.

Wimu Software Performance Analysis

Performance & Tactical Analysis

Multiple map views make it easy to analyze and find insights.

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Made by Science

Performance trackers allow you to analyze more than 200 metrics validated by science, including:

Physiological data

Kinematic data

Tactical data

It’s all linked to video, allowing you to further your analysis.

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Advanced Metrics

Sport-dedicated data points ensure you can carry out high level analysis.

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Multi-Video & Data Synchronization

Synchronize any video format with your data.

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Custom Analysis

You’ll have access to the raw data to ensure you can analyze what matters most.

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Physical Tests

Scientifically validated to carry out physical tests such as CMJ, jump test, dorsiflexion and more.

WIMU Cloud

Revolutionize Data Management

The data history of every session and game you used WIMU sport trackers is stored in WIMU CLOUD, giving you access from anywhere. Further your analysis by utilizing comparisons to create in-depth reports on every athlete you’re monitoring.

Quick & Easy Access

Data Storage

Session Archiving

Dynamic Reports


Driven by Science

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Analytical Skills

Data Intelligence

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