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Frequently Asked Questions

This leading athlete monitoring system melds advanced hardware with sophisticated software to deliver critical sports insights. WIMU empowers teams with essential tactical and physical performance data, streamlined in a user-friendly interface.

WIMU Pro provides a comprehensive system for physical performance tracking, including: a WIMU Pro hybrid wearable device, a docking station for device and player management, SPRO analytical software, SVIVO for real-time data visualization, and WIMU Cloud for advanced cloud analytics.

Yes, the WIMU Pro system's versatility and advanced sensor technology make it suitable for a wide range of sports.

It’s a cornerstone for WIMU devices. WIMU Pro is heavily used in sports research, offering robust data collection for studies, theses and academic papers. Visit WIMU’s journal articles section.

WIMU Pro tracks over 250 variables derived from GNSS, inertial sensors and external sources, including distance, speed, player load and more. You’ll gain a comprehensive look at your athletes’ performance.

WIMU Pro is FIFA and World Rugby Union certified, setting the highest standards of the industry. WIMU has also undergone extensive independent validity and reliability studies.

WIMU Pro was developed alongside a sport science department that collaborates on research and development. This department continues to provide assistance to WIMU users on a daily basis, and manages the Hudl Academy platform that contains EPTS certificate courses to master different sport technologies.

WIMU Pro offers wide connectivity technologies such as ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, the threshold configuration of the system’s different variables is fully customizable—the WIMU Pro system gathers raw data from the integrated sensors.

Yes, Hudl's SPRO, an advanced human performance analysis software, features robust video synchronization capabilities. It allows seamless integration of various video formats with session data, enhancing data quality and deepening performance insights.

WIMU Pro Device

These devices combine advanced GNSS/LPS technology with high-frequency 3D accelerometers, gyroscopes, a magnetometer, and a barometer to provide comprehensive athletic performance data.

Yes, WIMU Pro is an open system compatible with external devices that use ANT+ protocol, including heart rate monitors, oxygen sensors and various analytics software.

WIMU Pro’s inertial sensors operate at multiple frequencies (10 hz to 1000hz), adjustable via the Smart Station for tailored data collection.

Yes, WIMU Pro is effective as a standalone unit or in a kit, and it comes with USB connectivity for data management and charging. The Smart Station further supports bulk actions and data synchronization.

Yes, WIMU Pro includes a multiplayer feature, allowing multiple athletes to be assigned to the same device, managed through the Smart Station, SPRO software or WIMU Cloud platform.

Smart Station

Yes, the Smart Station, a multifunctional docking station. It charges up to 28 devices, facilitates data transfer, and allows device setup and roster management.

Absolutely. The Smart Station gives you the options to easily select and assign devices to different teams. Once a roster is chosen, each device is automatically configured for the assigned players.


SVIVO is Hudl's cutting-edge software for real-time data visualization of human performance. It enables users to monitor player performance on the field by tracking positions, speeds and distances. It comes equipped with diverse mapping tools, including heatmaps and Voronoi diagrams, to facilitate detailed tactical analysis. The streamlined design ensures that users can effectively analyze and understand player dynamics during live play.

SVIVO connects with WIMU using ANT+ technology. Simply attach the ANT+ mini USB antenna to your device, and you're ready to start.

Yes, SVIVO offers customizable real-time alarms, allowing you to monitor specific activities or exercises during sessions.

SVIVO can automatically adjust certain actions, such as pausing a player’s session time if they leave a designated area.

SVIVO provides over 30 different variables for analysis, available in various display modes for comprehensive performance insights.

Definitely. WIMU’s integrated system ensures seamless communication between SVIVO and SPRO for efficient data management.


Advanced software, designed for detailed analysis of training sessions. It offers different monitors for the activity of athletes in many different sports actions. In addition, each user can customize monitors depending on need.

SPRO utilizes top-tier technology for automatic data analysis, providing adjustable thresholds and integrating popular monitors like Intervals Pro, Worst Case Scenarios and Steps Monitor.

In a single session, SPRO enables diverse analyses such as player and goalkeeper performance, speed acceleration profiles, jump tests and movement range assessments.

Yes, SPRO's GIS function allows for in-depth tactical analysis, including player movement tracking, heat maps and zone of action analysis.

SPRO features video synchronization, allowing users to contextualize session data with video footage for a comprehensive analysis of game moments.

Data from SPRO can be exported in various formats, including Excel, CSV, PDF and to the WIMU Cloud for further analysis and reporting.

WIMU Cloud

Yes, WIMU Cloud offers a revolutionary analytics environment for data visualization. It allows users to create customizable dashboards for in-depth sports performance analysis and critical insights.

Visit and log in with the username and password provided by the club.

WIMU Cloud supports the creation of an unlimited number of teams and players, catering to all your management needs

WIMU Cloud allows you to generate a variety of reports, from HRV to evolutionary analysis, using customizable dashboard tools. These reports can be printed or exported in PDF format.

Dashboards in WIMU Cloud are interactive tools for creating detailed, custom reports on various performance metrics, all exportable for in-depth analysis.

They can be generated in PDF format or as interactive documents, offering flexibility in data presentation.