See how our team made Hudl Sideline more reliable than ever for the 2019 football season.

Football teams have relied on Hudl Sideline to make in-game adjustments since 2016. Sideline is more reliable than ever with new features that address the most common issues coaches encounter when using instant replay.

The Problem: Clip Queuing and Second Half Workflow Issues

If a team’s server or network goes down during a game, video can’t be sent to their viewing devices. During the 2018 season, coaches could solve this by restarting the Sideline network—but no one wants to spend their halftime doing that.

The Fix: Automated Network Recovery

If your Sideline network goes down during a game in 2019, the Sideline app will automatically attempt to reset the server. This update means fewer long-term interruptions before, during or after your games, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Heads up: Automatic recovery may not fix network issues in all situations. Reach out to support for more assistance.

The Problem: Setup and In-Game Workflow Issues

A correct setup is the key to successfully using Sideline. But if it’s your first time setting up your kit or someone new is helping out, you may not know if you did it right. More importantly, you may not know if something is wrong until it’s too late.

The Fix: Real-Time Diagnostics and Notifications

We built new diagnostic tools to monitor the health of your Sideline kit and help our support team identify problems before they interrupt your process. Plus, we refreshed the way you get Sideline notifications with updates and alerts about storage, network strength and real-time troubleshooting all sent right to your recording and viewing devices.

The Problem: Broken Hardware

Just like your phone or computer, your Sideline kit can stop working properly due to age, wear-and-tear or issues within the hardware. Last season, some coaches ran into this during the worst possible time—the game.

The Fix: Super-Powered Support

Our support team will use those new diagnostic tools we mentioned to get a full picture of your kit’s health. This means our team can proactively identify and help resolve issues with your hardware this season, including sending a replacement kit if necessary.  

These improvements are part of every Sideline package. If you want some extra support next season, look into upgrading.