Industry veterans discuss workflow best practices in a rapidly evolving ecosystem of video and data.

Welcome to the Workflow Workshops miniseries. We're pulling back the curtain on modern basketball—analytics, athlete development, coaching staff communication, and more. You'll hear from coaches, video coordinators and hardwood pioneers on how they stay ahead of the game and maintain a competitive edge. We examine the tools and workflows necessary to build programs into contenders by connecting new technologies to unique coaching philosophies to educate, evaluate and elevate the next generation of hoops.

Episode: Sportscode: Luxury or Standard? 
Length: 25:41

Host: Brendan Hall | @BHallHudl

Guest Speakers: 
Scott Schmelzer | @CoachSchmelz
Cameron Kinzer | @Cameron_Kinzer

Key Points:
What AI/smart cameras do better than traditional filming methods.
Best practices for coaches communicating their findings to each other.
How an enterprise deal optimizes your game prep and player development workflows.
Distributing your findings to athletes in a succinct, easy-to-comprehend fashion.

Episode: When You Forget the Importance of People, You Fail.  

Host: Brendan Hall | @BHallHudl

Guest Speakers: 
Cory Marquardt | @Coach_Marquardt

Key Points:
Prioritizing the many hats people wear at the mid major level.
October practice—common approaches that result in success.
Coach and VC communication is key during "secret scrimmages."
Managing available resources.

        Episode: You Can't Win without Video Analysis. 
        Length: 23:40

        Host: Brendan Hall | @BHallHudl

        Guest Speaker: 
        Gregory Eaton

        Key Points:
        Buy-in throughout and as a program is essential.
        Best practices for evaluations.
        How to present and share film within your program.

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