Hosted by Tony Miller (A Quick Timeout podcast), this roundtable of coaches discusses how to stay ahead of the game with analytics.

Discussion Questions:

3:05 - Utilizing data and performance from the previous year to prepare for the start of the new season

4:50 - How does data from last season indicate areas of adjustment for the upcoming year?

7:40 - How has data and analytics empowered you as a coach to innovate?

16:15 - As players become more aware of stats and coaches become more stats focused, how would you suggest getting ahead of the curve in preparing for the next-gen basketball player?

21:28 - How can a better understanding of data help players get recruited?

26:46 - Which of the Four Factors are you willing to give up?

36:20 - How is basketball evolving? And how can you incorporate analytics into coaching?

Tony Miller, @tonywmiller
Bob Jones University, Men's Basketball Assistant Coach

Jon Washburn, @DeanOfMortgages
Writer, The Fieldhouse

Burton Uwarow, @BruinsHoopCoach
Bob Jones University, Men's Basketball Head Coach

Seth Kindig, @sethkindig
Providence Christian Academy (Geor.), Director of Girls' Basketball

Randy Sherman, @RadiusAthletics
Owner & Founder of Radius Athletics

Alex Kipp, @akipp24
Messiah University (Penn.), Men's Basketball Graduate Assistant Coach