It’s no secret club athletes like to win. Why not give yours an edge on the competition?

27% of club athletes said enjoying higher levels of competition was their number one reason for playing club sports. Competitive advantage falls into the top four reasons an athlete chooses which club they play for.

Give your players a leg up on the competition by offering them concrete competitive advantage with Hudl. Giving players access to video drives player development, giving them data that powers their choices on where to focus to improve. It also uncovers scouting opportunities, giving them a kickstart to the season.

We’ve highlighted the top advantages that video can offer your club and your players.

Player Development

Video is a key factor in player development - in fact, our survey unlocked that 86.3% of athletes found reviewing video crucial to their improvement. With Hudl, players not only have access to review their match highlights but also their technique.

Visual perception is an important part of learning. When players have access to create playlists and review their game and practice footage, they are able to see where the opportunities for improvement are. Video helps individualize player development, giving each athlete visual examples of right and wrong. Hudl allows players and coaches to leave comments on clips, and sort clips specifically based on position and other dominating factors.

Video helps players self-identify opportunities for development–helping them be proactive in driving their sports career. This skill benefits them now, and also drives future success.


Reviewing footage alone simply isn’t enough. With access to game stats and play by play reports you won’t only save time, but you’ll have detailed summaries on what your team is doing right and what needs attention. Stats are linked directly to those in-game moments, making it easy for coaches and athletes to review.

Use those stats to drive success. With these tools at their fingertips, every player will be able to access the reports from any device at any time. Access to this information on their own time will keep players improving even when they’re not on the court. So go ahead, give your athletes a little homework.

Scouting Opportunities

Scouting with video offers an overwhelming competitive advantage, whether you’re doing self-scouting (watching video of your team to identify areas of opportunity in your match play), or opponent scouting (preparing for a match by watching the opponent’s video).

Get a head start by focusing part of your efforts on self-scouting. Review your own footage from previous games and seasons to point out your strengths and weaknesses. From here you will know where to source your practice time, and get ready to dominate your next match.

Once you’ve capitalized on your self-scouting opportunities, you can move on to scouting your opponent. Hudl exchange allows teams to exchange film through the app. With options like ‘two-way exchange’, ‘one-way exchange’, and ‘request video’ your team will be able to take advantage of this feature based on your specific needs.

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