Our newest report for volleyball teams shows you the start point, end point and result for every attack in a match.

“This was a bad match. Bad match,” Zoe Bell said when she saw her team’s attack tendencies report for the first time. “Wow. Rotation three we were really left side. Back row attacked a lot. This is a lot different than what I thought it would be.”

You’d think it would be hard to surprise a veteran volleyball coach of more than 20 years. But even the most experienced coaches benefit from seeing a match from a new perspective. That’s what our new attack tendencies report was built to do.

New for 2019, the report shows the start-to-finish location of every attack, whether it was a kill, error or zero attack (an attack kept in play).

The visual report is inspired by Volleymetrics, the industry standard for volleyball analytics used by the top collegiate and professional teams around the world. The report’s visual design shows the line of an attack’s path from beginning to end, giving coaches the most information possible.

The attack tendencies report comes with new filters for rotation, result and phase (first ball or transition), as well as filters for match, set, team and player. The report will be included in Hudl Assist match breakdowns, which are done by professional analysts and returned in 12–24 hours of submission.  

Whether you’re tracking trends across the season or diving into specific rallies, these filters help you determine where certain players hit well or which rotations your team struggles in. It’s key for improving your own players, but the attack tendencies report is also a powerful scouting tool.

“This is the best scouting data I've ever had,” Alex Simons, another long-time coach said. “This means for every opponent who we play more than once, which is quite a few teams, I could show my team their attack patterns. They deflected a lot of balls off our blocks to get kills. We'd design our defense patterns differently. This player got five kills and hit .385. No errors. You can design a defense to shut her down. Just tell your team, if she's front row, don't do anything else, just block over there and dig!”

Whether you’re scouting your opponents or planning your team’s next practice, the visuals of the new report allow you to uncover tendencies in minutes. You can save even more time by using Assist to generate your report with additional stats.

This feature is currently live for users with a Silver subscription. Learn how to use it or see how you can unlock more insights.