Time-Saving Tools Every Coach Needs

Cut the clut­ter from your days to make bet­ter use of your time.

Time-Saving Tools Every Coach Needs

Cut the clut­ter from your days to make bet­ter use of your time.

We don’t have much time.”

It’s a com­mon refrain we hear from coach­es. From mon­i­tor­ing team per­for­mance to craft­ing train­ing pro­grams and even per­form­ing admin­is­tra­tive tasks, you have a lot on your plate.

Here are a few tools we rec­om­mend, some that you may use every­day already, to get the most of your days.

Google Apps

Google has a lot to offer in terms of free time-sav­ing tools:

  • Google Docs allows you to share doc­u­ments with oth­ers on the team for col­lab­o­ra­tive edit­ing in real time. Making a scout­ing report? Create a Google Doc so all of the coach­es on the team can edit and com­ment on what’s being created.

  • Google Sheets pro­vides the abil­i­ty to col­lect and store infor­ma­tion. Sheets is the per­fect place to cre­ate a list of your play­ers’ con­tact infor­ma­tion, lock­er com­bi­na­tions and sta­tis­tics from game to game. It’s also a great way to for­mat and archive your prac­tice sched­ules. Download this blank prac­tice sheet to use for your prac­tices.

  • Google Hangouts are video chats through your Google account. You can con­duct one-on-one coach­ing or team strat­e­gy ses­sions from any­where. A hang­out can accom­mo­date up to 25 accounts at one time.

Email Groups and Templates

Depending on your email provider, you can cre­ate and name con­tact groups to enter in the TO” field any­time you want to send a mes­sage. And because you don’t always cre­ate email mes­sages from scratch, you can also build tem­plates to insert pre­for­mat­ted content.


Trello is a free web­site and app that is used to orga­nize every­thing on your plate. Users can cre­ate gen­er­al cat­e­gories and add cards for each cat­e­go­ry. How you set­up your Trello board is up to you. Some coach­es have cat­e­gories for prac­tice, scout­ing, team man­age­ment and misc, then add cards in each cat­e­go­ry for a prac­tice plan, scout­ing report, team infor­ma­tion and any­thing else they need. Other coach­es have more spe­cif­ic cat­e­gories, and their cards are the steps to com­plete the cat­e­go­ry. It’s what works best for you. Cards can be archived, so if you have a scout­ing report for a team, and run into them again in the play­offs, you can pull it back up. The app is great to access infor­ma­tion while at prac­tice or dur­ing a game.

Apple TV and Portable Projector

Depending on where your games are, or what’s avail­able to you, it’s not always easy to find a com­put­er, cord and pro­jec­tor. Apple TV allows you to skip all that and go direct­ly from the Hudl app on your iOS device to the pro­jec­tor. Avoid the stress of find­ing a place to watch film or scout before away games. Now you have every­thing you’ll need your team to see the anno­ta­tions, com­ments and reports you’ve made on Hudl.


Shameless plug, but we can’t claim to save coach­es time and not men­tion our­selves in a list like this. Our tools make it easy for coach­es to attach cus­tom feed­back to game and prac­tice video, cre­at­ing cus­tom playlists pulled direct­ly from stat reports to call out key moments where a game may have been won or lost. Coaches can also con­tact the whole team with in-app mes­sag­ing, fill­ing every­one in on what to review before the next prac­tice. And it’s all avail­able via com­put­er, phone or tablet.

Given the myr­i­ad tasks coach­es jug­gle on an every­day basis, time-sav­ing tools like the ones above can be real life-savers. They help you become more task-effi­cient and make it eas­i­er to invest more of time and ener­gy in help­ing your ath­letes improve.