Messaging FAQ

How can I use these tools?

Hudl’s mes­sag­ing tools enable you to have con­ver­sa­tions with indi­vid­ual ath­letes and coach­es, cus­tom groups or the whole team. Below are a few examples:

  • Send reminders about prac­tice times.
  • Discuss game strat­e­gy with coaches.
  • Request feed­back from the team.
  • Share links to train­ing resources.

Who can I message?

Any coach or play­er can start pri­vate con­ver­sa­tions with oth­er indi­vid­u­als, or com­mu­ni­cate with an entire group on the same Hudl ros­ter. Every mes­sage in a group con­ver­sa­tion is vis­i­ble to the whole group. You can also have a pri­vate 1-on-1 con­ver­sa­tion with a sin­gle individual.

How will users be notified?

When you send a new mes­sage, all par­tic­i­pants in the con­ver­sa­tion (except you, the sender) will receive a noti­fi­ca­tion via one or more channels.

Email: These noti­fi­ca­tions are turned on by default. The email will con­tain the full mes­sage.
Hudl​.com: Unread mes­sages will appear as a red badge at the top of your Hudl pro­file. 
Hudl app on iOS or Android device: You will be prompt­ed to opt in to receive push noti­fi­ca­tions the first time you access Hudl’s mes­sag­ing tools. Users who have opt­ed in will receive a noti­fi­ca­tion on the device’s home screen.
SMS text mes­sageGold and Platinum users will also receive text mes­sages by default.

Users must have a mobile num­ber and car­ri­er infor­ma­tion on their Hudl account to receive text messages.

Can I message myself?

When you send a mes­sage to your­self, you will receive a noti­fi­ca­tion on Hudl because you are both the sender and the recip­i­ent. However, you will not receive a text mes­sage noti­fi­ca­tion if you mes­sage yourself. 

How do I adjust notifications?

You can adjust noti­fi­ca­tions on two levels:

  • Individually for one or more conversations
  • Globally for all messages

When a con­ver­sa­tion is mut­ed, you will not be noti­fied about new mes­sages from ath­letes. Messages from coach­es will not be mut­ed. Learn how to adjust noti­fi­ca­tions.

How can I share documents?

Gold and Platinum sub­scribers also have the option to share doc­u­ments and oth­er files via Hudl’s mes­sag­ing tools. Shared files are pri­vate and only vis­i­ble to the par­tic­i­pants in a con­ver­sa­tion. Learn how to include doc­u­ments in mes­sages here.

  • You may select up to five files, each up to 10MB in size.
  • You can drag-and-drop one or more files into an exist­ing con­ver­sa­tion. We sup­port all com­mon Microsoft Office files, pho­tos and PDF documents.

Your team can view shared files on both desk­top and mobile. Participants who have opt­ed into email noti­fi­ca­tions will also receive a link to the file(s).

You can not upload and share videos in a message.

How much does it cost?

Hudl’s mes­sag­ing tools are avail­able to all Hudl sub­scribers at no addi­tion­al cost.

Gold and Platinum pack­ages receive the following:

  • Notifications via SMS/​text message
  • File Sharing

How do I delete messages that I have sent?

You can only delete mes­sages you have sent — not oth­er people’s messages. 

To delete your message:

  1. Click the Gear Icon.
  2. Select Delete.