Get the most out of your team meetings by following these simple tips.

Correcting and teaching through video sessions is an essential part of your workflow, but not all meetings are created equal. You can only ask so much of your athletes until their attention begins to wane.

We have a few ideas to make your video sessions efficient and impactful, keeping your athletes’ full attention at all times.

Invite the Right People

For many sessions, it’s mandatory for the entire team and coaching staff to be present. It’s important to stress continuity and camaraderie, to reinforce that team success requires buy-in from each member.

But film sessions are put to better use when they’re more focused. If you want to go over why you’re turnover rate is up, maybe you just need to invite your guards and wing players. The information is most pertinent to them. Keeping the group smaller will help give the meeting an intimate feel and will allow you or an assistant to communicate on a more personal level. Your message is more likely to sink in when targeting a select group of individuals.

Many coaches find nearly as much value in one-on-one meetings as they do for team sessions. While group meetings are great, it's also important to have the players meet individually with you or an assistant coach.

teaching with hudl

Make the Purpose Clear

Let the players and coaches know specifically what you plan on addressing in the video session beforehand and send them playlists to watch. If they know the topic, they can can review beforehand and come to the meeting prepared with some ideas of their own.

This will also help keep the meeting on track. Instead of hosting a video session to address the defense, let the attendees know you’ll be examining how the team defends high screen and rolls. The more focused the purpose of the meeting, the more locked in everyone will be.

hudl remote

Get the Right Tools

The Hudl remote was built to maximize film sessions. The device operates regardless of internet accessibility, and it can control Sportscode or Hudl through Bluetooth.

The remote has all the normal functions - play, pause, fast forward, rewind - and, unlike iOS applications, has physical buttons that are easy to find and push. The remote also has a built-in laser pointer and has the ability to mark moments on the fly, allowing you to quickly target moments you want to save for later.

If you want to experience the power of this remote for yourself, click here.

Got any other ideas on how to maximize your video sessions? Leave any suggestions in the comments below.