The X&O Labs Film Room: Access 7 Years of Research Video on Hudl

Power your pre­sea­son drill menu with 100+ hours of tagged game and prac­tice video.

The X&O Labs Film Room: Access 7 Years of Research Video on Hudl

Power your pre­sea­son drill menu with 100+ hours of tagged game and prac­tice video.

Table of Contents

  1. The X&O Labs Film Room Is Now on Hudl
  2. Highlight Top Drill Clips
  3. How to Use the Film Room

In-sea­son camp is only a few weeks away, but while some coach­es are wrap­ping up their vaca­tions, we’re already hard at work seg­ment­ing my drill cat­a­log for the preseason.

At Bridgewater College, we have a run­ning list of drills, bro­ken up by posi­tion and skill, to cat­a­log before the start of each sea­son. Our coach­es are asked to mod­i­fy this as the sea­son goes on. It’s a huge file, but an awe­some ref­er­ence that has only got­ten eas­i­er to use with the new col­lab­o­ra­tion of X & O Labs and Hudl, and the launch of the Film Room.

Most coach­es under­stand the impor­tance of self-scout­ing play con­cepts in their offen­sive and defen­sive arse­nal to val­i­date their effi­cien­cy, but how many use the same process to mon­i­tor the effec­tive­ness of the drill work they’re using dur­ing prac­tice time? 

The NCAA places restric­tions on how much time you’re giv­en dur­ing the week to work with your play­ers, so we can’t afford to waste any time incor­po­rat­ing drills that aren’t essen­tial. Every year around this time we seg­ment all of my pre­sea­son drills with the fol­low­ing direc­tives in mind: are our drills work­ing foot­ball” skills, and are they show­ing up on game day? This process is placed at a pre­mi­um, so I’m not afraid to search the ends of the Earth to find more effi­cient ways to meet this goal.

The X&O Labs Film Room Is Now on Hudl

As an X&O Labs Insiders mem­ber for sev­er­al years, I under­stood its mis­sion to deliv­er high-qual­i­ty con­tent to coach­es in a func­tion­al and effi­cient method. This objec­tive seems to have been clear­ly met through its part­ner­ship with Hudl and the host­ing of film in the X&O Labs Film Room, which pro­vides coach­es more than 100 hours of tagged game and prac­tice film.

You can’t get that acces­si­bil­i­ty any­where else. The time I pre­vi­ous­ly spent board­ing planes to meet with staff or scour­ing the inter­net to find the right drill tape has been super­seded by the usabil­i­ty of this prod­uct. Now I’m able to seg­ment my research by using the 78 tags avail­able in the library, which are divid­ed into offense, defense and spe­cial teams.

X&O Labs has put sev­en years of research video in one place. It’s host­ed on X&O Labs’ pri­vate Hudl account and has every game and prac­tice drill video ever pub­lished on XandOLabs​.com, search­able by film type, drill type, scheme, posi­tion and even pro­gram name. Coaches can even cre­ate a playlist of video to eas­i­ly share key points with oth­er staff members. 

It has become a vir­tu­al clin­ic space, with­out the lim­i­ta­tions that tra­di­tion­al­ly come with clin­ics and hard copy con­tent. The Film Room has grown from a few hun­dred videos to well over 1,500 playlists. Until now, only X&O Labs researchers have had access to this vast resource of col­lege and high school video.

Highlight Top Drill Clips

I decid­ed to tar­get defen­sive block destruc­tion as our num­ber one fun­da­men­tal objec­tive to devel­op this pre­sea­son. Contact is a fun­da­men­tal part of defen­sive foot­ball, but the drill work asso­ci­at­ed with it often cen­ters around get­ting tougher,” not the pro­gres­sion need­ed for defend­ers to get off blocks and make tack­les. I already had my favorite block destruc­tion drills designed, but I need­ed to find oth­er types of drills that incor­po­rate some of that same tech­nique in a dif­fer­ent setup.

This sea­son we’ll work two cir­cuit peri­ods in each prac­tice, which will focus on agility/​change of direc­tion, block defeat, ball drills and tack­ling. Every drill we do is mod­i­fied to best rep­re­sent that posi­tion, usu­al­ly by chang­ing the depth/​width of the start­ing point of the drill.

The X&O Labs Film Room gave me access to some great block destruc­tion drills and coach­ing points with foot­work, hand place­ment and lever­age at its core.

I’ve cat­a­loged some of my favorites below.

Editor’s Note: These are vignette sam­ples of the actu­al drill. Coaches who join the Film Room have access to the full-length drill film.

Bridgewater College Diamond Drill: One of my favorites from this spring because it taught inte­ri­or line­back­ers to work on switch­ing their lead foot for­ward while get­ting down­hill to attack the ball. Adding hand shields to cage and patch” in the drill is a great vari­a­tion that allows play­ers to prac­tice mak­ing con­tact with­out overex­tend­ing. This drill can be per­formed inside a chute to enhance pad level.

Bridgewater College (Va.) Eagle Two Step Drill: Designed to work block recog­ni­tion for defen­sive line­men. The pur­pose of falling for­ward is to sim­u­late the move­ment out of a stance and the redi­rect that may be required once a block is rec­og­nized. The drill can be worked from a shade or head up posi­tion. Offensive line­men will work through every block the defend­er will see that week.

Montana State University Sled Progression: MSU defend­ers work­ing against a one-man sled may not be unique, but the sled itself is. This sled has its pad removed to focus on hand place­ment and arm exten­sion. We preach exten­sion, yet a sled pad makes it easy to exe­cute bad form by mak­ing head-first con­tact. . In addi­tion, a small­er tar­get encour­ages play­er con­trol on contact.

Virginia Tech University 3-on-1 Drill: There are some clas­sic line­backer drills in this data­base from Bud Foster, the Hokies’ defen­sive coor­di­na­tor. My favorite block destruc­tion drill is the 3-on-1 drills and its vari­a­tions. This drill works reac­tion, lever­age adjust­ment and foot­work all in one set­ting. This sea­son, we are going to insert a ball car­ri­er on the third rep to work dif­fer­ent paths on run schemes.

Stanford University Block Destruction Progression: The val­ue of this drill is right in its name — pro­gres­sion. You see the dif­fer­ent phas­es of block shed­ding (from con­tact first, then from space) as well as adapt­abil­i­ty by the dif­fer­ent posi­tions (defen­sive line­men have dif­fer­ent space and angles of defen­sive backs). Finally, I love the way this drill shows a lot of play­ers working.

Not only is there a com­plete sec­tion on block destruc­tion in the Film Room, but coach­es can seg­ment their research by select­ing which posi­tion they want to focus on.

Defensive line­men see dif­fer­ent kinds of blocks in closed space than line­back­ers and defen­sive backs do in the open field, so it only makes sense to have those dif­fer­ent skill sets categorized.

How to Use Film Room

Almost every pro­gram in America uses Hudl in one capac­i­ty or anoth­er. Film stor­age, exchange and recruit­ing are eas­i­er because of its ease of use and price point. Putting X&O Labs’ Film Room on Hudl allows coach­es to save their own dig­i­tal stor­age (and shelf space) and eas­i­ly access valu­able content.

This plat­form is a dif­fer­ent ver­sion of Hudl than most foot­ball coach­es are used to see­ing. The fil­ters and tags are on the left-hand side with a search bar at the top to help find rel­e­vant video. Once I saw Film Room for the first time, I was excit­ed to find two sim­ple func­tion­al­i­ties: cre­at­ing clips for fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion and cre­at­ing cutups of drills to dis­trib­ute to our staff and players.

Follow these steps to cre­ate a clip for your per­son­al reference:

  1. Select a film and scroll the time bar to the desired location.
  2. Select Create Clip. The default is sev­en seconds.
  3. Select the clip and adjust the time win­dow by mov­ing the blue bar. 20 sec­onds is the max­i­mum time for each clip.
  4. Add notes if necessary.
  5. Select Save Clip.
  6. Create addi­tion­al clips and select Share in Playlist.
  7. Playlists can be accessed at the bot­tom of the main screen under con­tent type.
  8. Select a playlist to add labels or edit.

Create share­able cutups with these steps. A work around for this process involves cre­at­ing a high­light of the desired film and shar­ing the link.

  1. Follow the steps out­lined above to cre­ate clips. Clips can only be 20 sec­onds long, but you can make mul­ti­ple clips in a highlight.
  2. Select the desired clips and click Send to Highlights.
  3. Access high­lights by click­ing the link auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed (at the bot­tom in green) or by select­ing your pro­file (roll over your name in the top right and select Your Highlights). A link will also be sent to your email if your set­tings allow it.
  4. On the pro­file page, you can copy the URL to send to your coaches/​players, rename or delete the highlight.

I’m excit­ed to see how this part­ner­ship con­tin­ues to con­tribute to the growth of foot­ball coach­es everywhere.