The Solution MLS Clubs Are Using to Streamline Their Organisations

Even the best clubs struggle to find consistency across every process and department. But MLS clubs have found the answer.

There’s a lot of shared responsibility throughout a club aligning first team and academy efforts, establishing club-wide lines of communication, and even leveraging data to support core staff members.

With so many people to align - coaches, recruiters, medical and academy staff, and more -- streamlining operations is vital to long term health.

Hudl Pro Suite is the answer. 

Pro Suite connects performance video and data within one platform. It integrates your workflow to streamline club development, saving time and money.

The tools keep the front office, technical staff, first team and academy on the same page. 

“Without Hudl, it was very difficult to communicate throughout the organization,” says Brian Crookham, senior director of soccer development for the Colorado Rapids. “Hudl is a centralized platform where we can place a direct request to give or share information between roles.”

Crookham says the Rapids make a concerted effort to leverage technology in all aspects of the club. It goes beyond communication. It’s collaboration. 

"Video and data connect our organization. It's part of our daily and weekly routine to use video efficiently."

The Rapids are the first MLS team to support coaches in-game with Hudl Replay. This real-time video review solution is included in Pro Suite.

Pro Suite also uses smart cameras to create a consistent recording infrastructure. The cameras send video to the new Hudl Sportscode for analysis, and also upload to a secure team library.

The Rapids can watch that video immediately with Replay’s connected devices on the bench. At the same time, they receive that analysis, connected to their video from Sportscode. 

It’s a prime example of integrating match day workflow to impact the final score. The seamless recording experience frees up analysts and coaches. It gives the staff a leg up on in-game analysis, enabling them to find deeper insights to win.

In other words, the core staff has a bigger impact.

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Without Pro Suite, teams have disjointed video and data collection methods. It takes precious time to sort through everything. They’re already behind. 

Hudl’s end-to-end solution places a premium on accuracy without sacrificing speed. 

No team is immune to bad data sets. Even the best coaches’ work suffers with disorganized information. Hudl’s addition of Wyscout is crucial to developing a reliable data infrastructure. Together, they bridge a club’s unique evaluation processes with standardized analysis from global football. 

No matter what system a club uses, talent identification is only possible with reliable data. Wyscout is the source of truth for elite football organizations -- La Liga, the EPL and now MLS.

With the largest database of video and data in the world, Wyscout attaches curated clips to scouting reports to cross-reference performance data and provide a 360-degree view on scouting targets.

Finding players that match your scheme and bolster results is tough. Yet, combining Wyscout’s database with Hudl’s distribution platform makes it easy to evaluate and identify global talent. Teams use objective video and data from Wyscout, then layer on their custom analysis. It’s a blueprint for building a club’s future.

Despite all of the obvious benefits of Pro Suite, some teams could be hesitant to add new tools. They might be afraid of changes to their current processes, or worried they couldn’t adapt quickly enough.

But the competitive nature of MLS has shown that not adapting means you get left behind.

Hudl’s suite of solutions is powerful but easy to learn. You can hit the ground running with online or in-person training. 

Started in 2019, Hudl Academy provides Sportscode training for any skill level. The online learning portal features classes taught by Hudl’s industry experts. The modules walk through the basics of analysis, then progress onto more advanced work. 

Want to take your knowledge to the next level? Hudl’s education and support teams provide on-site training. Take advantage of hands-on learning experiences for fine-tuned club strategy.

Don’t give up any more ground. Discover how Pro Suite will accelerate your entire organization’s development.