The Hudl Junior Analyst Academy has been developed to provide junior analysts with the support and education to step into the real world of work through a blended learning program, consisting of educational workshops and practical experience with a range of analysis tools.

“By upskilling up-and-coming analysts, this creates a pathway to go out there and do it themselves,” said Hudl Education Strategist Katelyn Jones.

The Junior Analyst Academy provides hands-on experience of Hudl tools used throughout the professional analysis industry.

At the Junior Analyst Academy, attendees are immersed in blended learning activities, that teach the analysis workflows used at all levels of professional sport. These workflows are underpinned by the Hudl Pro Suite set of products, including both Hudl and Hudl Sportscode tools.

“We’re creating pathways for analysts here at Hudl by providing them with the education and skill set by running them through the basics of live capture, bringing in some live workflows, filtering data, anything that a normal analyst in their daily workflow would be using,” explained Jones.

Attendees to the Junior Analyst Academy leave with newfound technical skills and experiences that they will use to enhance their future careers.

Regan Kerslake and Jia Williams Murnane are Junior Analysts at AFL club North Melbourne FC. The Junior Analyst Academy has provided them a real advantage in their fledgling careers.

“I really do believe that the Junior Analyst Academy is giving me an advantage over other students,” said Kerslake. “Other people coming through the systems, you get a headstart, essentially on these systems and how to use them, how to use Sportscode, how to use Hudl and all the software.”

“My favorite part of the academy is definitely this practical day, working with all of this different equipment and being able to run through it in person,” said Murnane. “I’m a very hands-on learner, so it’s been really nice.”

Our newest Junior Analyst Academy graduates to join our growing alumni of future Head Analysts.

As an experienced performance analysis professional, Melbourne Victory FC Analyst Michael Mantikos was present at the Junior Analyst Academy and understands how it has been crucial in getting young analysts in the country the skills required to go to the next level.

“In terms of the education that Hudl provides the junior analysts, it's very process driven, it’s got the correct skills and the correct requirements to help these junior analysts build the skill sets to enable them to go into the real world,” said Mantikos. 

“I came into the performance analysis space with no education at all, so if Hudl wasn’t there and didn’t provide me with the resourcing and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of my skill set and my expertise within the analysis space.”

As well as in Australia, Analyst Academy programs are running in the UK and USA, with plans to soon launch in Japan. In Australia alone, nearly 400 aspiring analysts have gone through the program, with that number being close to 1000 globally.

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