There’s more to it than big hits and missed tackles. Here’s how Atavus’ unique data-driven approach to measuring tackling works.

What truly defines a good tackler? 

Some would say it's the player’s ability to “just get the runner down”. While there's truth to this statement, Atavus looks to redefine the art of tackling. There's more to it than big hits and missed tackles. 

Atavus takes a data-driven approach to measuring tackling. Our Tacklytics system is the first and only tackle database where we use real game data points to measure the performance and safety of athletes. It's a comprehensive tackle system which identifies key trends to keep your coaches and players focused on improvement. 

Tacklytics generates reports on a team, position, and individual player level to identify strengths or areas for improvement with your program. Our tackle analysis provides your staff with data-driven tackle progression to address key issues and maximize player engagement. This is an essential part of our system as we look to transform data into actionable insights. With the use of Tacklytics, your coaches will be equipped with the tools to develop not only instinctive, but dominant tacklers.  

In Episode 6, we take an in-depth look into Tacklytics and highlight our data reports, tackle plans and cut-up process. 

When you sign up to have Atavus analyze the tackling technique on your film, you'll get sent curated playlists in Hudl calling out key teachable moments in the game. When you integrate them with the game data provided by Hudl Assist, you'll have the full picture of what needs to improve, and how — all without lifting a finger.

Sharing it all with your team is more fluid than ever. With the analysis feature, creating and sharing a personalized playlist on the fly is simple. And with shared sessions in Hudl, you won't have to worry about choppy screen-shares.

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