In this episode, we focus on contact, and the elements needed to execute effective and safe tackling.

Football is a physical sport.  Creating confidence in contact is the focus of the Atavus Tackle System.

As renowned neuropsychologist Dr. Art Maerlender has said, "Creating a system for tackling improves the retention of good tackling technique."

This is what Atavus has created for programs at every level.  It's a systematic approach that focuses on developing talent by teaching technique, improving implementation and measuring execution for a more focused practice approach.  The goal is to change the behavior of both coaches and players.

In this episode of "The Art of Tackling", we focus on contact, and the elements needed to execute effective and safe tackling.  That includes a clear explanation for each, as well as a video example in both practice and games from programs at every level.  

We also provide several drill examples that improve tackling and develop instinctive athletes. We then finish with some insight on how to better evaluate effective tackling to build a stronger culture.

Face it. Better never stops. So join us in creating the type of change that will improve the confidence of your athletes and the performance of your program.

Not sure? Then we'll leave you with this saying: "Some coaches love winning so bad they are willing to change. Some hate change so bad they are willing to lose."

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