Here’s some drills that will put everything learned from past episodes into practice.

Dominating the tackle takes confidence. And that confidence? It's built by dominating practice. 

Atavus aspires to give coaches all the resources they need to develop their athletes into confident and safe tacklers. This episode of The Art of Tackling will take everything learned from previous episodes and give coaches the opportunity to put it into practice.

In this video, we discuss categorizing tackle drills, and how to begin implementing Technical, Decision-Making, and Game-Based drills into practices. Coaches will learn how to take the elements of Pre-Contact and Contact and begin designing tackle plans that will help their athletes dominate on the field. 

This is another step in helping athletes master tackling and gain confidence to constantly compete at a high level.

As the episode recommends, the best practice for installing these drills is to categorize them. And now with custom columns and shared sessions enabled in your analysis feature, creating playlists on the fly and giving the right feedback has never been quicker — or easier.

Ready to start building confident, more effective tacklers? Log in to your Hudl account and start putting these drills into action.