In this content series with Atavus, we show you the data-driven approach to tackling fun­da­men­tals, and how you can apply it in your own program. Here’s an intro­duc­tion to the Atavus way.

Teaching tackling is easy. Teaching great tackling is hard.

Doing it right takes a systematic approach that focuses on developing talent. The Atavus tackling system does just that — rooted in rugby, but focused on football. The goal is to change the behavior of both coaches and players.

Atavus' mission is to develop instinctive players. Their method focuses on maximizing power and control in contact. By evaluating performance and application, coaches get data-driven insights to increase focus and maximize time spent on tackling.

This first video includes a brief history of Atavus, an explanation of the mission, and the process for developing instinctive athletes. There's also a sneak preview of future episodes.

Do you do the same drills all year long? Do they create progress or repetition? Are they challenging? Discouraging?

Not sure? Tune in to this entire series. It could be the change your program needs to be more successful.

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