We asked you what your pre-game go-to for music was and you responded. So we took the liberty of creating a playlist with some of the best. Give it a listen. 

Imagine: You’re in the locker room before the biggest game of the season. Headphones on, you’re dialed in. You open up your phone and turn on some tunes. You’re scrolling through to find the perfect jam to get your mind right. What’s the song you search for?

Everyone has one – their go-to song to get dialed in before every game. So that begs the question:

What is the greatest pre-game banger of all time?

We asked you to chime in. From T-Swift to Tupac, the responses were rolling in, and we took the liberty of deciding from there. Here is our list:

The “Just Missed” List - a list of songs that are still dope, but they just don’t have the spine-tingling power of our favorites:

Trophies - Young Money & Drake, Really Got It - Jerreau, Bring Em Out - T.I, Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N’ Roses, Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J, Last Of A Dying Breed - Ludacris, Jungle - X Ambassadors, almost every Kanye West song.

The Final Five - No, not the gymnasts. The greatest pre-game hype songs to date.

POWER - Kanye West

The riff in this song should probably loop endlessly over stadium loud speakers after every snap on Friday and Saturday nights. Then Kanye just comes in with his genius and casually drops lyrical bombs all over the place. The first verse is all you need. Don’t get us wrong, the rest of the song is pretty dope, but that verse? As soon as it ends we’re ready to ball.

Started From The Bottom - Drake

Who cares if your team had a losing record last year? Forget that. This is the song for motivation. This is the anthem of the underdog from every corner of the world. The 6 God created an all-timer with this one. We can all relate to the struggle.

Click, Click, Boom - Saliva

The metal heads thought we forgot about ‘em, huh? “Click, click, boom” is the snapping of your chin strap in the huddle on Friday nights. It’s the fist pump after you just punished an overhit pass on the volleyball court. It’s the celebratory slide to the corner flag after your game-winning goal.

This song is the head-banger of pre-game hype music. There’s no way we could make a list without it.

Numb/Encore - Jay Z & Linkin Park

How could we leave off the greatest rap/rock mashup of all-time? Bold statement, we know. But there’s a chance Run DMC and Steven Tyler walk the other way when they hear this jam.

With its delicate blend of hard-hitting rock and aggressive rap, this song is your swan song. Maybe it’s your senior year or even your final game. These lyrics were written for those defining moments.

Run This Town - Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West

The undisputed, heavyweight champion of pre-game hype music made its locker room debut back in 2010 and has been blasted in stadiums across our great land every game day since.

Rihanna’s charged intro gets even the faintest of hearts ready to ball out on a Friday night. You can literally feel her singing, “Feel it coming in the air…” coursing through your veins as you step on a flood-lit field on a cold October night. That’s the stuff right there. We have chills just thinking about it.

You thought we’d leave you without a playlist to add to your pre-game routine? Don’t stress, we have you covered.

Here’s your official pre-game hype tape for the season.

Warning: Explicit content is included.

This list was curated by Hudl. Have a favorite we failed to include? Tweet @Hudl and we just might add it.