From version 12.4.22, two new features have been introduced that will enhance the way you interact with footage in Hudl Sportscode.

Firstly, zoom functionality has been added across all video players in Hudl Sportscode.

When viewing a single angle you can now use pinch and zoom functionality on the trackpad to zoom into footage and then scroll within the video. To zoom out you can use the same pinch functionality or implement the new ‘Cmd + 0’ keyboard shortcut.

Zoom functionality is also available in both the instance player and playlists. In playlists, both the Sorter and Organizer have the same functionality and can zoom in or reset zoom with a shortcut. When moving between clips the zoom resets.

The second enhanced functionality is scrubbing through videos. With a two-finger swipe it allows you to scrub along timelines, instance player and playlists, making it faster to find the correct point in your video.

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