Introducing a new feature that will make it both faster and easier to work with playlists across Hudl Sportscode and your team library.

Previously, when you downloaded a playlist from your Hudl team library into Hudl Sportscode and made changes, you would have to upload it as a new playlist into Hudl. 

Starting from Version 12.17.1 of Hudl Sportscode, you will now be able to sync the changes you’ve made to a playlist that you downloaded from your Team library into Sportscode, into the same playlist within Hudl.

The New Workflow with Sync Playlists:

To sync your changes, simply go to the playlist you downloaded from Hudl and made changes to, then click upload. 

From here you’ll see a new option called ‘Sync Changes to Hudl’. Click that, then you’ll see the syncing process beginning in the Progress Queue. 

Once the syncing process is complete, you’ll be able to move to your Hudl Team Library directly from the Progress Queue.

If someone else updates the playlist while you're working on it, we’ll let you know when you try to sync and you can choose to download their changes. This ensures you'll never accidentally overwrite someone else’s work.

Product Manager Prad Patel commented:

“We’re excited to release this next iteration of our integration work which will help streamline your workflows and make it quicker and easier to work with playlists. We’re looking forward to continuing to build features in Hudl Sportscode that make workflows more efficient.”

Watch the video below with Prad to learn how the new Sync Playlists feature will work for you

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