From version 12.4.22 of Hudl Sportscode, a new workflow improvement will make it both faster and easier to utilize playlists across Hudl Sportscode and the team library.

Previously if you were uploading a Sorter or Organizer playlist from Hudl Sportscode to a team library, you would first upload a playlist, wait for it to export, then when the browser opened to the Hudl upload page, you would select the SCZIP file from your local disk before uploading it to a team library.

We’ve made this workflow simpler and faster to do and this is what it looks like:

From Version 12.4.22, when you want to upload your Sorter or Organiser from Sportscode, a new window will now let you choose which team library you want to upload to, the title you want to give it and an option to select which video angles and presentation effects you want to upload. You’ll also be able to select multiple playlists to upload, which will be added to your progress queue.

Product Manager Prad Patel commented:

“We’re pleased to continue to improve this feature to help make our users more efficient with their time. We’re also working on future iterations and look forward to developing it further with enhancements such as being able to set sharing permissions from Sportscode.”

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