Discover how you can take your use of Wyscout to the next level by integrating Hudl and Hudl Sportscode into your analysis and recruitment workflows

In the ever-evolving landscape of football analysis, staying ahead of the competition requires leveraging cutting-edge tools that streamline workflows and enhance performance.

Wyscout, the world’s largest football video and stats database, provides an advanced solution for many of your analysis needs, with its unparalleled coverage of men’s, women’s and youth football from across the world.

But to take your recruitment, analysis and coaching to the next level, adding Hudl and Hudl Sportscode to your Wyscout subscription can be a transformative step.

Wyscout and Hudl: A Winning Combination

Simplify your workflows, enhance pre-existing efficiencies and optimize your time by combining the analytic capabilities of Wyscout and Hudl.

  1. Seamless integration: Simplify your workflows with the quick ingestion of full videos or selected clips into your Hudl team library.
  2. In-depth analysis: Within the Hudl platform, coaches, analysts and scouts can gain access to a suite of tools for detailed analysis and streamlined content organization.
  3. Curate content and simplify sharing: Match footage can be dissected, customized clips and playlists created, and content securely shared from a centralized platform, further optimizing time management.
  4. Interactive communication: Personalize analysis sharing and foster efficient team-wide, group, or individual feedback processes. This cohesive integration empowers football professionals to make better strategic decisions faster than ever before.

Sportscode: Customized Analysis for Deeper Insights

For those seeking a heightened level of analysis, the transition to Hudl Sportscode becomes the logical progression. This advanced tool not only maintains the time-saving benefits of the Wyscout-Hudl integration but takes it a step further.

  1. Remove upload obstacles: The trifecta of Wyscout, Hudl, and Hudl Sportscode ensures a smooth upload process, allowing full videos or selected clips to be effortlessly ingested to your Hudl library and effortlessly shared with your team.
  2. Personalized Analysis: Time-sensitive coaching decisions are met with ease through the exportable XML from Wyscout, allowing rapid transfer of video events to Hudl Sportscode for quick customization aligned with team philosophies.
  3. Telestrate Your Analysis: Hudl Sportscode users can enhance their analysis by adding professional, dynamic drawings and graphics with the Studio feature, effectively communicating coaching strategies and enhancing player development.
  4. Improve Feedback Sessions: Sharing analysis with players becomes seamless, whether through the Hudl Sportscode organizer or by resyncing to Hudl. The team library serves as a centralized hub for sharing insights and strategies, reinforcing the collaborative approach to improvement.

Elevate your football workflows with the integrated solutions of Wyscout, Hudl, and Hudl Sportscode and reinvest your time back into what matters most: coaching.

To learn more about how Hudl and Hudl Sportscode can enhance your football coaching and save you time, contact us for additional information.