The guide covers everything you need to know to get the most out of our world-leading solutions to elevate your club and empower athletes.

Top clubs are using technology to get a competitive edge on the court, in training and in recruiting. Our video, data and recruiting tools can improve feedback and communication, and help athletes stand out and get noticed.

Are you using video and data to stay ahead of the game?

To be a champion you must first master the fundamentals. Teams who establish a consistent process for recording, uploading and submitting to Hudl Assist position every member of their club to be successful. 

Coaches have quality film to study performance, share playlists with groups or individuals to develop players, and analyze opponent tendencies to uncover game-changing insights. Meanwhile, athletes can study team tactics, hone their technique and improve their skills, or quickly turn their best plays into exciting highlight reels and share them with recruiters.

In The Complete Hudl Guide for Club Volleyball, our experts share best practices and tips for capturing great film for your matches and how to use Hudl Assist to get consistent, reliable data to drive performance and develop athletes.

Use the guidebook to:

  • Create a consistent process for your club
  • Capture high-quality video with your equipment
  • Submit to Hudl Assist post-match