In the last fifty years, technology has been one of the key drivers in the growth of club volleyball. The sport has become a big business, and the rise of video has helped make volleyball a lucrative endeavor.

Some might argue a club is successful when it has the most talented players, the greatest resources, the best coaches, the most financial support or some combination of these. But recently, competitive club programs have seen an advantage through technology—using stats from video as the “science” behind coaching decisions.

Video analysis allows clubs to track key stats season after season. Those stats uncover trends to help coaches pivot team philosophy, develop players’ skills faster and dominate on the court.

What holds teams back? Many coaches feel they don’t have time to dive into the data. But successful clubs understand it’s no longer a matter of how much data they can collect, but how they use this data to inspire change within their program.

This eBook will give you:

  • Information on how and why successful clubs have brought video analysis tools on board
  • Pointers for how to use video to drive your vision
  • Tips to teach coaches how to use video and stats for player development
  • Advice on using video to predict and prevent injury and fatigue during lengthy club seasons

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