Sportscode’s pow­er­ful script­ing lan­guage allows users to gen­er­ate com­pelling visual representation of your data, all linked to video. Creating these dashboards is a com­mon work­flow for many suc­cess­ful analysts who have cho­sen to take advan­tage of Sportscode’s abil­i­ty to dis­play limitless cal­cu­la­tions from user-gen­er­at­ed data.

Using a proprietary coding syntax allows you to create bespoke dashboards that support key workflows and facilitate the feedback process through video. Coupled with the unique power to digest large scale data from multiple seasons, it’s easy to see why Hudl Sportscode is the most used performance analysis software in sport. 

Hudl Sportscode Scripting Window

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Code windows and Output windows in Hudl Sportscode can be substantially enhanced using scripting. From automating key event tracking to displaying real-time advanced statistics on engaging dashboards, these key events are all linked to video highlights of players and key phases of play. 

Scripting in Hudl Sportscode allows analysts to go further than simple number count dashboards, bringing complex data sets to life to answer key performance questions. 

  • Create interactive dashboards with images and graphics in your output reports, all linked direct to video. 
  • Build shot-maps, heat maps and momentum charts seamlessly linked to time-coded video to improve the feedback process.
  • Customize with third party data to add further levels of insight and enhance qualitative analysis.
  • Live share your dashboards (across your team) within the same network on any device. 

Hudl Sportscode is the most used data visualization tool for elite sports organizations. It helps to simplify raw data into an easily understandable visual format and is customizable like no other.  This flex­i­bil­i­ty means more choices in pro­duc­ing break­down data and visu­al reports that are only as lim­it­ed as the user’s imagination.

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