Professional users continue to learn and develop during 2020.

All around the world this year, there's been some dramatic changes to the way people in sport work and learn. But Hudl users have been making the most of their time during this period.

Through a series of global and local webinars, along with Hudl’s online learning platform Hudl Academy, user education has greatly increased.

More than 4,000 users have registered for the elite webinar series, and usage of Hudl Academy has increased by 300%.

“Our customer research identified a common trait with performance analysts who remain notoriously time-poor and keen to get more time to uncover game-changing insights,” said Shayne Hall, senior manager of education at Hudl. “Time that could be better focused on deriving insights to impact key decisions both live and post-match. 

"We developed Hudl Academy because we knew that the best way to help users quickly and effectively was online. The platform has been well received and our core Pro Suite learning plan is also now available in ten different languages. More analysts and coaches are now becoming qualified with hundreds having now completed a certification with many more still on courses.”

Hudl's elite webinar series launched in March and features a range of international-calibre guests who provide key insights from the highest level of sport.

“[It's] had great reviews as we’ve honed in on specific skills,” said Hall. “Through our extensive networks, we’ve benefited from great insights from some truly world class professionals, including Pedro Marques at Benfica, Tim Dittmer at the English FA and Nate Babcock of NBA team Atlanta Hawks. We’ve tried as best we can to turn this challenging situation for many of our clients into a positive opportunity to develop new skills.”

As teams slowly start to return to action, Hudl will continue to give users the tools they need by investing further in education.

“We’ve recently launched a new series around best practices, as we know that this is something users really wanted,” said Hall. “We’ll touch on various aspects of the Pro Suite, but particularly on scripting, code windows and key workflows. Hudl Academy will continue to develop too. In August, we will launch the Level Three Sportscode Certification Programme to further add to the range of courses now available.”

The new Hudl Best Practice Series is now live. Users can view a recording of the first webinar and sign up for future sessions.

Hudl Academy is a free resource open to all Hudl professional users.