Hudl vets are here to answer your frequently asked questions about video uploads.

It's easy to add video to your account no matter what you use to record. Here are the video upload questions we get asked the most. Read through our answers to make your own process a little easier.

Uploads from the web

Uploads from the Hudl app

Uploads from Hudl Mercury 

Web Uploader

What's the best way to upload if I recorded with a camcorder?

Definitely the web uploader. You don't have to download any programs and don't need admin rights. It's also faster and more reliable than Hudl Mercury because there are fewer steps. Just copy the video files to your computer from your camera, then click Upload from your Home page. If you'd like to see the full steps, use this tutorial if you're a football coach, and this tutorial for any other sport.

There are so many files from just one game. What can I do about that?

To upload all files for a single game at once, drag and drop them as a group or from a folder into the web uploader. They’ll merge into a single video on Hudl. When you record, we recommend stopping the camera only during quarter breaks, halftime or long timeouts to reduce the number of files.

The upload froze. What should I do? I don’t want to lose everything I’ve already uploaded.

Good news—you can restart the upload without losing the progress you already made! Start the upload again and just make sure you use the same files in the same order. Your progress will continue from where it froze.

How can I share video with my team?

You can choose who to share the upload with while it’s still uploading—just click Edit. Give team members permissions or share with an individual athlete, group or your whole team. You can always update those permissions later on from your video library.

Hudl App

I want to use an iPad to record. Can I record in the camera app?

No, record using the Hudl app instead. That way the video will upload right where it needs to be on Hudl. All you have to do is connect to Wi-Fi during or after the event, and the video will soon be ready for everyone to review. If you did accidentally record in the camera app, use these steps to get it uploaded to a football team, and these steps for any other sport.

I can see the video on my device, but no one else on the team can. Why is that?

If you’re the one who uploaded the video, you’ll always have access to it on your device. Check that it was uploaded to The Hudl app will save a copy on your device until it has been uploaded. If you can see it on, make sure that it’s shared with your team so they can watch it too.

I think the upload froze. What can I do?

Navigate to Settings > General on your iPad or iPhone and toggle Wi-Fi off and back on. After that, force quit the Hudl app, then reopen it. Double-check that you're logged in with the same account that was logged in during recording. These steps should ensure your upload restarts.

Hudl Mercury

What’s the best workflow to get my video online?

There are a couple options depending on where your video is located. If your video is from a DVD, select that option in Hudl Mercury and insert the DVD in your computer. To upload directly from your camera, plug it into your computer and click From a Camera or Storage. Mercury will automatically detect your camera and scan for any recorded video. If the video is saved on your computer, click From a Folder to search your computer, or drag and drop the files into Mercury. 

Mercury just stopped uploading my video. What should I do?

Jump-start the upload. You can refresh Hudl Mercury without losing any progress you’ve made. If you’re on a Mac, hit command + shift + r, and if you’re on a PC, use ctrl + shift + r. If that doesn’t do the trick, it might be an issue with your network. Run a connection test at If your results are all green, restart Mercury again. If not, try a different network.

Mercury won’t recognize my camera. What can I do?

This happens from time to time, especially with Sony cameras. There are a few settings to update for Mercury to recognize it. Follow these steps in your camera’s menu, then reconnect the camera to your computer. If you’re still having trouble, try another USB cord or USB port on the computer to see if it’s a connection issue.

This is taking forever. Is there something wrong with Hudl?

If your upload is moving slowly, there are a few possible causes, typically related to the network or computer. To test your network, visit and run the tests. If the results come back green, your Wi-Fi connection probably isn’t the issue, but it could still be the computer. Try clearing out old project files in Hudl Mercury or test another computer that might be able to process faster.

I spent hours splitting clips in Mercury and then it crashed. Is all of that gone?

Don’t worry, we can recover that video! If you made it past step 3 in Mercury and saw the uploading prompt, there’s a saved copy of those split and combined clips. Hit command + shift + p on a Mac, or ctrl + shift + p on a PC to open the Mercury project files. In the Publish folder you'll see the edited versions of those clips.

My video won’t finish processing on Hudl and it won’t let me exchange it.

Sometimes Hudl Mercury can have trouble finalizing your video, which means it uploaded but you’re unable to exchange it. First, verify that all of the clips made it online. Look in your video library to make sure each clip plays. If they do, make a copy of the video from your Manage Library page. This copy will be finalized and you’ll be able to exchange it.

Uploading your video to Hudl is just the beginning. Get detailed steps for everything you can do on Hudl on our main support page