It’s the fifth and final day of Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021 and today we’ve got not one, but two presentations on offer with the Association of Sporting Directors (ASD). 

The role of the Sporting Director is extremely important in modern football, but there remains some mystery around what this high-profile role actually entails.

In the first presentation, we answer the question of what the Sporting Director role is all about, the function of the ASD and how the Association is there to support those in SD roles. 

Secondly, we have a roundtable discussion which is a deeper dive into the Sporting Director role. This includes some common misconceptions around the role, the challenges these professionals face, and predictions for the future.

The ASD will be joined in this second presentation by:

  • Rebecca Capelhorn - Director of Football Administration and Governance at Tottenham Hotspur
  • Mike Rigg - Technical Director at Burnley FC
  • Paul Mitchell - Sporting Director at AS Monaco

Click here to watch this session or any of the content shared throughout the Hudl Presents event.