Discover how Hudl Focus Outdoor’s new Multi-Cam func­tion­al­i­ty can give you the most complete perspective for your capture and analysis needs.

Transform how your team and analysts capture and analyze sports footage with the new Multi-Cam functionality for Hudl Focus Outdoor.

Take Your Capture Experience to the Next Level

The Hudl Focus Outdoor now comes with enhanced capabilities to capture every game and training session from multiple viewpoints. Multi-Cam gives you the most complete perspective for tactical analysis and broadcast by integrating up to four Focus Point cameras around the pitch with the pre-existing Focus Outdoor sideline angles.

This update significantly enhances the fully-automated recording experience by enabling comprehensive coverage of crucial areas such as the penalty box. The result is a richer, more detailed view that supports deeper tactical analysis and improved decision-making through advanced visual insights.

The cameras behind the goals have allowed us to better see different actions during the live match, giving us an advantage when making decisions on the spot. In our case, we usually use them during each half, at halftime to show the players and after the game to work on a group and individual level. Paco Urdiain - Head of First Team Analysis, CD Castellón

Seamless Synchronization for Streamlined Workflows

What makes the Multi-Cam feature unique is its ability to synchronize all camera angles into a single video file. This innovation not only simplifies the viewing experience but also streamlines the analysis workflow, making it easier than ever for analysts and coaches to manage, review, and share critical moments, without having to switch between different files.

Complete Control at your Fingertips

The ability to select and record from various angles directly via the Focus App allows teams to customize their recording strategies to fit their specific needs. Whether it’s a sideline view or a comprehensive end-to-end perspective, the Focus Outdoor multi-camera set-up ensures that every crucial play is captured with clarity and precision.

Integrated Real-Time Analysis with Hudl Sportscode

The integration with Hudl Sportscode allows analysts to live code and access video footage in real-time. This immediate feedback is essential for making strategic data-driven decisions on the go and provides teams with a competitive edge during both games and training sessions.

At Hudl, we are committed to providing you with tools that not only meet your needs, but to also anticipate them. The Focus Outdoor’s new features are a testament to our dedication to helping sports teams perform at their best. Embrace the future of sports analysis—experience the power of Multi-Cam with Hudl Focus Outdoor.

Elevate how you see the game with Multi-Cam.

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