Szilvasi Zoltan of the Puskas Ferenc Labdarugo Akademia explains his learning process with Hudl Sportscode and how it's used for the academy's emerging players.

As part of our groundbreaking deal with the Hungarian Ministry of Sport, we are equipping the top 10 academies in Hungary with top-of-the-line analysis software to improve the level of performance analysis for young players throughout the country. 

Every academy will receive same level of software and education throughout. By doing this we are levelling the playing field and making sure that each academy can grow and develop at the same pace.

Szilvasi Zoltan, video analyst for Hungary's flagship Puskas Academy explains the value that Hudl Sportscode brings to the academy setup.

"When I came here we already used Hudl Sportscode, but I got used to it so much and I like this program so much that I cannot imagine how to work without it - My work time would be much longer without this program." 

Szalocziy David, Video Analyst from the DVSC-DLA academy explains how Hudl Sportscode has enhanced the level of video analysis within his organization.

For Szalocziy David, video analyst for the DVSC-DLA Academy, Hudl Sportscode has fully upgraded the speed of workflow for his academy.

"Before Hudl Sportscode we used different video cutting programs. So I watched the match, we noted the time from second-to-second, and we had to cut it out, which is obviously a much longer process than in Hudl Sportscode."

We've just closed a groundbreaking deal with the Hungarian Ministry of Sports - Check out all of the details by clicking here.

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