Insight brings new levels of data analysis to Hudl Sportscode, powering match, recruitment and performance decisions, to make every moment count across a range of different levels within the game.

In this article, we speak to the Heads of Analysis from a range of football clubs to learn the key functionalities of Insight and to discover why it is the fastest way to improve the performance of your team.

Automate high-performance workflows

Insight allows you to save time by streamlining and automating the key high-performance workflows of pre-match, live match, post-match analysis, plus scouting and recruitment across single or multiple games. All without the need for manual coding.

For Yannis Theodorou, Head of Scouting and Sports Technology at Olympiacos FC, Insight adds key context to all of the key phases of the game.

''Insight is an innovative software that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically break the game down into different phases, as well as creating custom rules, then linking this to the match footage and Wyscout API, which has allowed us to give valuable context to the numbers we provide,” said Theodorou. 

“By using Insight, we can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual video analysis and data tracking. We can sort the sequences, send them to an Organizer in Sportscode and finalize our video presentations. Insight can be a valuable tool and there is a lot of space for improvement in the next few years.”

Olympiacos have the 47 Greek Super League titles to their name - the most in Greek football history.

Advanced data direct from Hudl Sportscode

Insight opens directly from Hudl Sportscode and synchronizes across the Hudl Pro Suite ecosystem, saving a huge amount of time.

Jonathan Llorente, Head of Game Analysis at Ligue 1’s Montpellier HSC describes how Insight’s integration with Pro Suite requires just one analyst to quickly bring together several different stages of an analysis workflow.

“After several staff changes since last year, we have gone from three full-time analysts to one single analyst,” said Llorente. “I had to review my analysis processes in order to be able to meet the expectations of new staff and Insight was a big help because it's very easy to synchronize broadcast video and the wide angle of the matches with tracking data and events. 

“This means I can observe and analyze more of my future opponent's matches with the creation of custom and automated Hudl Sportscode timelines from Insight. From there, I can then sort the sequences, send them to an Organizer and to Studio to finalize my video editing.”

The fastest way to improve performance: Insight allows teams to better utilize data and generate automated insights to impact high-performance decision making.

Maximize data-driven decisions with more contextual analysis

Insight strengthens the impact of event and tracking data by providing detailed context to your match analysis and player recruitment, all customized to your club’s terminology.

Llorente utilizes Insight to deliver detailed educational content using event and tracking data at Montpellier. 

“My live coding has become more qualitative and specific to the game plan defined by the coach for the match. My analysis is more complete and my impact with the staff during the match and at half-time is greater."

Montpellier HSC use Insight’s integration with Hudl Pro Suite, which requires just one analyst to quickly bring together several different stages of an analysis workflow.

Built for analysts to empower decision makers

Insight is built to empower analysts to obtain bespoke moments more quickly and easily than ever before.

  • Customize game-specific events aligned to your game model

For VfL Wolfsburg’s Match Analyst Martin Raschick, the ability of Insight to combine data and video has improved both time saving and analysis through a number of key performance indicators.

“Insight is an ideal complement to our workflows at VfL Wolfsburg as it gives us the possibility of combining data and video for higher efficiency in our daily operations,” said Raschick. 

“Within our opposition analysis, the customizable dashboards allow us to filter multiple games for individual aspects based on our view of football. We were able to improve our set pieces analysis throughout a wide extension of our scope in much shorter time and by delivering highly fitting statistics and video examples at once. 

In general, Insight empowers us as well to analyze performance cross-sectional as well as answering detailed questions with just a few clicks and saves hours of work we can spend on football-related topics.”

VfL Wolfsburg use the power of Insight to combine data and video to improve both time saving and analysis through a number of key performance indicators.
  • Automate the coding into your timeline

    To build on the impact of event and tracking data, Montpellier’s live coding has now become automated within the Insight platform. This reduces time spent on coding, freeing up time to spend on identifying trends.

    “I have had the opportunity to use Insight live and I can now import the events and tracking data provided by the League live into Insight, which allows me to automatically send (without coding on my part) all "basic" events (passes, crosses, shots, corners, etc.) as well as my custom action rules in my Hudl Sportscode timeline,” said Llorente.”

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