In this series, we review how evidence-based decision-making and time-saving effi­cien­cies can elevate high performance workflows through Hudl’s ecosystem of products

Analysis of both your team and the opponent is crucial to the success of any elite side and involves the collaboration of many different personas within an organization, from head coaches and players to sports directors and performance analysts.

Creating a game plan to beat the opposition before the game and evaluating both team and individual performance in relation to that game plan after a match are two of the most important stages of any analysis workflow. Done correctly, they can contribute to sustained success on and off the field. 

As part of the new High Performance Workflow Webinar series, Hudl's regional director of Customer Solutions, Austin Fuller, shares best practices around pre and post match analysis.

In the session, we detail each aspect of the ideal pre and post match workflow and give insights into how Hudl’s ecosystem of products can be applied to gain a competitive edge over opponents.

How Hudl products are used in Pre-Match workflow

Data as a Service helps to leverage data more efficiently in pre-match workflows to enhance team preparation and strategy and understand the opposition better. 

In-depth statistical data and easy-to-use dashboards can be filtered across different metrics, teams and seasons to see how teams are performing and how they have changed over time, helping with the pre-match decision-making process. 

Data can also be customized depending on your game model and our range of dashboards quickly analyze your squad, monitor potential starting lineups and pinpoint opposition weaknesses, saving you time and making your workflows more efficient.

Insight, the newest tool within the Hudl ecosystem, provides workflow efficiencies and customized context, helping to make better decisions faster than ever. 

Linking platforms like Wyscout, League Exchanges and third party data, Insight fetches data and video and allows you to select the games and video you want for your pre or post match analysis.

Once you have your data and video ready to analyze, rules within Insight can be adapted to your own team game model and allows you to automate your coding processes, driving workflow efficiencies.

The dashboards within Insight are where you rapidly provide the context within your analysis process. Different dashboards and widgets can be utilized for different parts of the game plan and are designed to use video and data together to provide the insight you’re trying to drive.

Choose from pre-loaded heat maps, pass networks, charts and tracking data visualizations or create your own, to improve understanding, enhance feedback and provide evidence to make better decisions.

Insight is fully integrated with Sportscode, saving you countless hours that would have been spent coding. Export from Insight and timelines within Sportscode will be automatically created, ready for you to add your own subjective data.

Within Insight you also have the ability to connect directly with Studio, making the telestration process smooth and efficient and enhancing the insights you are providing to coaches and players in pre and post match analysis through added annotated footage.

Finally, once your analysis is ready it can be seamlessly uploaded to so that you can share with your team or anyone in your organization.

In summary, we have gone through the whole pre and post match workflow using the Hudl ecosystem. 

Starting with Data as a Service and then into Insight, as the main engine to link Wyscout and League Exchanges, turning the event and tracking data into profiles of the opposition or your own performances in Hudl Sportscode organizers or timelines, before adding telestration in Studio and finally uploading to to create a truly integrated workflow that provides efficiencies, as well as better evidence through better insights.

How Hudl products are used in Post-Match workflow

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