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Gratitude — the Greatest Motivator

Who are the key figures who mentored you when you least deserved it? Chances are they made all the difference. Love them with your heart. Find them. Thank them. In this video coach Bill Curry takes us through his suggestions for how to use gratitude as a way to motivate your athletes.

How to Evaluate Athletes with­out Tryouts

No tryouts? No problem. Charlotte Independence Soccer Club’s development academy director Jeff Bilyk shows us his unique approach to player evaluations, and how the club’s building rosters without on-field tryouts.

Developing Speed in Players’ Offseason Work

Revered high school coach Dan Casey shows us his unique approach to player development, and why he emphasizes speed over conditioning.

Implementing Leadership Tactics to Foster Player Accountability

Coach Adam Dorrell gives us an inside look as to how he is implementing leadership tactics to build internal accountability from his players. He will also discuss a series of books and podcasts that he uses to gather information on leadership and building a team.

Top 5 Principles for Performance Fueling

In this presentation, you will learn the main principles sports dietitians use when working with youth athletes and up to the professional level. Use this presentation to help your athletes assess their skills and learn where they can improve their nutrition for performance.

Managing the New Reality for Student-Athletes

Team training is suspended, seasons are cancelled and we're confined to our homes. How do you navigate this new reality for student-athletes, parents and coaches? We will explore key performance indicators (KPIs) for health, performance and well-being of the athlete.

Building a Positive Volleyball Culture

Coach Lindsay Peterson takes us through her top tips for creating a positive volleyball culture in today's increasingly remote world.

Strategies for Celebrating Athletes Whose Spring Seasons Were Cancelled

Athletic Director Jen Brooks is joined by her daugh­er, and coach, Nora Brooks to give you sim­ple, action­able ways to cel­e­brate your ath­letes whose spring sea­sons may have been cancelled.

Effective Leadership in Times of Crises

Football coach and former ath­let­ic direc­tor Mel Tjeerdsma discusses lead­er­ship strate­gies to help you feel in con­trol dur­ing times of crises.

Building an Athlete Plate

Registered dieti­cians Anna Turner and Lindsay Langford are here to pro­vide you with detailed infor­ma­tion, tips and tricks for help­ing your ath­letes build the ide­al ath­lete plate based on their activ­i­ty lev­el and per­for­mance goals. They’ll now look for­ward to mealtimes, as they’ll feel con­fi­dent in their meal planning.

Quality Conversations: 5 Ways to Create Stronger Connections

Communication expert Betsy Butterick gives you the tools you need to have con­ver­sa­tions that strength­en rela­tion­ships and leave a last­ing impact.

Remote Coaching for Your Defense

Build team culture, set the tone for your defense—all things you can do right now even when your athletes are at home.

Our Best Tips for a Memorable Season Highlight Reel

Help spread some cheer when your athletes need it most by creating the perfect highlight reel. We've rounded up our top tips to make it easy.

How to Build Better Leadership Programs for Your Student-Athletes

With remote coaching becoming the new norm, athletic director James Coffey explains why leadership programs are more beneficial than ever to high school athletic programs.

Increase Sponsorship Opportunities by Branding Your Athletic Department

High School Director of Operations Cory McCarthy explains how a strong team brand can help secure sponsorships and create a sense of community during a disconnected time.

Three Reasons Why Athletic Directors Should Start Using Social Media

Now is the time to go where the kids are. Athletic director and coach James Coffey explains how social media can benefit high school athletic departments.

Player-Coach Relationships: Make Them Transformational, Not Transactional

It takes time and effort to build a supportive environment for your players, especially now. For­mer coach and ath­let­ic direc­tor Cory McCarthy breaks it down into manageable steps.

The Power of an Athletic Department That Focuses on Culture, Relationships & the Extra Mile

Former coach and athletic director Cory McCarthy shares how focusing on three main priorities made a huge impact on New Mission High School—and how they can do the same for your school.

Using Peers and Self-Reflection for Postseason Evaluation

Keeping your athletes and fellow coaches motivated when their seasons are cancelled isn't easy, but encouraging peer and self-evaluations can better prepare them for the next time they take the field.