Providing cutting-edge technology for analysing live matches and training sessions is at the heart of our deal with Belgian football, but the long-term sustainability of this project rests with education.

To best utilise the new technology now provided to clubs in Belgium, educational courses run by Hudl will upskill and provide support to coaches and analysts in Belgium.

Initial workshops have already been run out of the RBFA headquarters in Tubize to cover the new wide-angle capture system, with further courses taking place during the season.

The idea of education is not just to upskill current analysts in using new tools at their disposal, but also to drive the level of Belgian analysts upwards over time.

RBFA Head of Performance Analysis and Innovation Luke Benstead believes education is a key pillar for the development of the Belgian analyst. 

“This deal is nothing without the educational support that Hudl have provided,” said Benstead. “The best thing about Hudl is they understood that the journey these analysts would go on, that they need to go on with them as well.”

Club Brugge academy analyst Jelmer Platteeuw was an attendee at the initial workshops and has already seen the value in the ongoing education that will be provided.

“The Hudl courses, they helped me quite a lot during my development as an analyst,” said Platteeuw. “But also Hudl and Sportscode were really new for me, and through these courses, I learned quite fast the specifications of Hudl and Sportscode.”

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