Stat breakdowns can uncover key trends in basketball, and Hudl can help get your team to that next level.

The amount of statistics and numbers available to coaches has exploded over the past couple of seasons as more and more teams have embraced the power of these reports. Many college and professional teams have several members of their staff dedicated to breaking down advanced stats in an effort to stay ahead of the opponent.

But most high school coaches aren’t afforded that luxury. Their staff consists of fellow teachers and people who may not be well-versed in the area of statistics. Time is the most valuable commodity during the season, and most coaches simply don’t have enough hours in the day to grab the competitive advantage that comes from advanced analysis.

Hudl solves that problem and then some. No matter what level you coach, Hudl can supply you with the types of numbers you craved but never thought you could have.

“I was really impressed,” Alan Taylor, head coach at Cumberland Christian Academy, said. “Hudl Assist is like what an NBA team would get.”

Know Your Options

You have three choices to generate advanced stat reports, starting with the ability to go back after the game and tag the video yourself, a process that could take a while, but ensures greater accuracy.

You can also assign someone - an assistant coach, a JV player, a parent - to tag the game live. This is the quickest way to generate advanced reports and will supply you with statistics immediately after the contest.

The most airtight and thorough breakdowns come through submitting video to Hudl Assist. All coaches have to do is upload the video and send it to Hudl, where our team of professional analysts will break it down in 24 hours or less. You get the advanced breakdowns without lifting a finger.

“It’s so much more convenient because I don’t have to do anything,” Rob Brost, the boys’ coach at Bolingbrook High in Illinois, said. “I don’t need a computer.

“As we move throughout the season, with a program like ours that’s very successful, we’re moving and shaking and don’t have a lot of time. It cuts down on a lot of time. That is the biggest factor that I found.”

Whatever route you choose, the following numbers will be at your disposal instantly, allowing you to tailor game plans in a more nuanced manner.

These stats are also linked to video, allowing you to immediately get a visual of what the numbers are saying. Was your team plagued by turnovers in the most recent game? One click and you’ll have a playlist of those miscues, allowing you to analyze how the opposing defense was so effective with its pressure.

Hudl also delivers interactive shot charts that can be filtered by player, percentage, attempts and more. Like the box scores, these charts can recall video in an instant. This greatly simplifies the video process and makes creating highlights and marketing your players much easier.

These breakdowns aren’t limited to a single game. The advanced reports can be calculated over an entire season or segmented into different chunks of the year, such as the preseason or conference play.

How to Make Sense of the Numbers

Once you have the reports in hand, sort through them to find trends. If you find your opponents are racking up points in transition, it might be wise to ease up on crashing the offensive boards and get back on defense more aggressively.

Or maybe your 3-point marksman shoots better from the top of the key than he does from the corners. You’ll be able to see this data through the shot charts, and can run plays to get him more looks from those areas.

There is no limit to the benefits this type of data can provide. Hudl is the turbo booster for your game plan - it gets you accurate numbers more efficiently to take your game plans to the next level.

“The time factor again is the biggest thing I can speak to,” Brost said. “To find all of Joey’s missed shots, to take the time to do that and watch it with him, it would take 2-3 man hours. This really speeds everything up for us. To watch all of the offensive rebounds we give up per game, the man hours to break that down was a lot. With Hudl Assist, it’s one click to watch that for a whole game.”

Some coaches might argue that games aren’t won on a stats sheet and relying solely on numbers isn’t the solution, and they’re right. But when you combine Hudl’s advanced reports with the ability to instantly recall specific video, there is no better tool for coaches to ramp up their game review sessions and plan for the future.

Ready to experience advanced reports in a completely new way? Learn how to get started here.