Stats are essential to your success and our reports ensure you get the information you need.

Fifteen years ago, the concept of a smartphone was ludicrous. The thought that you could have a pocket-sized device that made calls, gave directions and provided access to the Internet was completely foreign.

But technology advances quickly, and now going a day without your phone would cause serious problems with your workflow. The changing of the times has made this once-revolutionary item a part of our day-to-day lives.

Coaches tell us that’s the kind of impact our statistical reports possess. They have the potential to be true game changers, and in a few years you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

So don’t get left behind! Get familiar with and start utilizing these reports now. Using the numbers and the connected video will give you an added edge over every team on your schedule.

Our completely overhauled statistic reports give you the knowledge required to adjust your game plan and find holes in the opponent’s armor. To explain their power individually, we’ll break down each report by:

  • What it does for you

  • Why it’s helpful

  • When it’s most useful

  • How you can unlock the report - live tagging, tagging after the game or through Hudl Assist

  • Who loves it - a quote from a fellow coach

Stats - Insights Just Waiting to be Discovered

What: This is the go-to hub for your statistics. Whether you’re looking for traditional numbers such as rebounds and turnovers, or diving deep into effective field goal percentage and defensive rebounding percentage, you can find key statistics here.

Why: You can sort through a particular portion of the season or look at each athlete’s individual production. A simple click will pull up a playlist showing all of the video associated with that stat. If your team is struggling with rebounding, pull up the opponents’ boards to see who isn’t boxing out. Have a struggling point guard? Take a look at his turnovers to help improve his decision-making.

When: Stats are useful at any point. Use them before the season tips off to improve on things you struggled with last year, in season to make adjustments on the fly, or later to mold your game plan going into the following season.

How: Live tagging, tagging after the game, Hudl Assist

Who: “With sports, it’s nice to see an overall pattern. One game can be misleading.”

Shot Chart - Amp Up Your Offense

What: Any shooting insights can be found here. Whether you’re looking for each player’s hot spot or figuring out where an opponent goes cold, shot charts are the perfect way to identify a team’s marksmanship.

Why: No matter how good your defense is, you can’t win games without scoring, and shot charts help you put players in the best position to succeed. Shot charts also give you access to playlists of attempts from each location. Is your team struggling from mid-range? Maybe your spacing is too crowded or your passes need to be crisper. Shot charts can show you.

When: Identify how and where to get your players the ball and put them in the best position to be successful. It’s possible your center is much more efficient from the right block than the left, or your star shooter excels on opportunities from the top of the key as opposed to the corner. Identifying these trends during the season can help shape your offense.

How: Tagging after the game, Hudl Assist

Who: “I find myself using it to structure my shooting drills better. You’ve got to become a balanced team and be able to hit shots from everywhere."

Box Score - Game-by-game Goodness

What: This is the perfect hub for checking out individual games. The box score includes stats for both teams, shot charts, quarter-by-quarter scoring and the run graph, painting a complete picture of the contest.

Why: Season-long reports are great, but sometimes you need to zone in on one game. The box score is a great tool for discovering how your point guard became so hot from the field, why your team had so many turnovers, or when the tide turned in the contest.

When: Check in after a game to break down how your team performed. If you’re facing an opponent for a second time, look back at the first box score to see how you can improve.

How: Live tagging, tagging after the game, Hudl Assist

Who: “I think the No. 1 thing that we look at a lot is the benefit of quickly being able to look at important information like turnovers. Being able to go into the report and looking at a particular game and clicking on turnovers and just having it populate that data, that was a huge help."

Trends - Find Your Groove

What: The trend report is a visual representation of the highs and lows for each statistic over the course of a season. You can track how you’re performing game-by-game and how you stack up against opponents.

Why: This is a great in-season tool to determine whether certain adjustments are working or need to be improved. Is your new up-tempo offense helping your assist/turnover ratio? Has the 2-3 zone you implemented two weeks ago limited your opponents’ shooting? The trend reports make finding out a breeze.

When: Track your progress throughout the season to find out why your team is surging or struggling.

How: Live tagging, tagging after the game, Hudl Assist

Who: “I always look for trends. Hudl was directly responsible in the ease of being able to locate those inadequacies and be able to adjust them throughout practice."

Goals - Set 'em and Track 'em

What: Determine which stats matter most to your team and track them throughout the season. You can evaluate based on team goals (ex: shoot 70 percent from the free throw line as a team) or an opponent (ex: have fewer turnovers than North High).

Why: Each coach sets different benchmarks for his team. Hudl just makes them easier to track. Instead of checking on the goals yourself, let us do it. One click allows you to watch video of plays contributing to that goal, helping you determine how you met the mark or why you fell short.

When: Set your goals before the season, monitor them throughout and evaluate your progress at the end.

How: Live tagging, tagging after the game, Hudl Assist

Who: “I don’t focus on the win. I focus on the things that make you win, like shooting over a certain percentage or holding the other team under a certain percentage.”

Don’t get left in the dust. Get involved with statistics and experience the benefits for yourself.